Poor choice confirmation

Will you please fix the lag or freezing and the unreliable buttons; for instance I tried to call but it came up the little :no_entry_sign: symbol and it could well have been a pivotal pot. It’s one of the last few hands during a 100000 S+G that began not long after 9 p.m. GMT tonight.
I appreciate your attention.

Why can I not send this???

The player formerly called jonnine

I don’t even get how that happened i.e. it posted somehow… but I’m glad it did! :slight_smile:

hirank, the best way to get something corrected like this is to send an email to support@replaypoker.com They’re great at getting back to you. If you are able to look up the hand number where it happened, that makes it easier for support to find the concern. I hope this is helpful.

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Not sure if that is a Replay problem happens to me and have to hit esc button to clear. Doesn’t happen often but maybe once a month.

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