Friend of blog

How to be a friend of the blog ??

Got to the very Bottom of the Dashboard page

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What does that mean “ friend of the blog “ to read or post you need to be a friend ? I don’t understand this “ friend of blog thing “

Yeah I might have misunderstood his question … oops

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I hope he comes back to explain more. Now I’m curious. He knows there is a blog so that’s why I can’t figure out the question. Maybe you’re right and he couldn’t find it ?


Howdy @Xylas ,

Confused, do you want to befriend a blog writer, or do you want to start your own blog?

Hi @Xylas!

Are you referring to the Blog Buddy achievement? If so, players can get the Blog Buddy achievement when they write a blog for us. It’s not system-generated, so once you have an article you want to publish, and it gets approved, we will automatically apply that achievement badge to your profile.

If this is something you’re interested in, you can write to so we can review your article.


Very curious also but it did remind me, that I haven’t read the blog’s in a long time and now want to.

Thanks for the question @Xylas , and stirring the pot and reminder for me :smile:

I read the blogs. It’s a shame no one participates in any discussions.

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