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Just noticing “Invite a Friend” today when a seat is empty. Is this option offered to all or does it have to do with endorsement rating? Just curious…Tks!

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LynnJustice It is offered to all players, right now it is only for ring games… It is a new feature , there is another new feature where you can hide all avatars and one where you can appear offline, Just go to settings and you should see them both there :slight_smile:

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tks doll!


You are welcome Lynn, enjoy the tables and good luck :slight_smile:

How long have you been waiting to be able to make this reply?

The one where you can appear off line is nice but i wish you would also hide how when o logged on or off.
If a player seaches you they will see when you usually play. There are a handful of players i choose to know when i’m playing and how long ago it was since i last played…i can message those with that info.
There are many players on my “friends list” that i wish wern’t and i know i can delete them but i went that route a few times and they stalked me and said awful things lol

I don’t know how I feel about hiding your online presence. I know the idea behind it was mentioned as getting a quick quiet game or two but it seems a little “ Sneaky “ to me since half the mission statement at Replay is a sense of Community and involvement. This takes away from the Community Involvement process as far as “ sliding in unnoticed “ to play from the membership.

Just my thoughts. I won’t be using this “hiding feature “….

Neither will I, Craig! Agree completely

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What does the feature “appear offline” mean & what is the purpose? Tks!