For love of the game

For love of the game !!! You wake up and look for the laptop, you turn on Replay, find a game and you are home, you feel good, this beautiful game that has luck, skill, cunning and much more, it’s just magical to be involved !! I myself strive to get better by not being so emotional and then I mean that I have forgotten how the others play and just think about the cards I have, have to rein in there !! Learn from their mistakes, only I can master the emotions, one day I hope !! It’s a beautiful game !! Win or lose, just as beautiful if you did the best, think it’s beautiful if an opponent succeeds !! Take care of yourselves out there and for the love of the game, let yourself be lucky and have fun and let yourself win !!


For love of the game! Today was a good day, not chip wise for me but people respected the game and the man, that’s what I want, a fun game and everyone respects everyone, winning or losing should not matter, because it is the love of the game we play !!! Happy also to get a team to rtc :slight_smile: Will be fun! Wolf pack rules !!! Remember it’s a beautiful game but just a game !!