Folded hand information missing

Like the title says, the folded hand information above the flop is missing, I searched around and saw that this has been a bug before, is it again now? Or did I disable something? Still kinda new to this site so I have no idea what’s wrong.

I’ve already passed on to the tech team. They reorganize the tables I think. The cards on the table are higher now, I think this text is under the cards now.

Hope they can solve it soon. Thanks for reporting:)

I change the thread to “problem” and mark as “in progress”

If you hit the rotate arrows the words come back but the flop and river cards are higher then the flop cards. So yes I agree the crads are covering the words.

<<>> sorry

Finally we must think about something

(who care what I folded, if I don’t remember)

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You are right!!!

why sorry? good comment

Liked that feature, is it being fixed?

Its fixed for me, Im sure its all good now.