Magical cards

I was playing in 1 of the rooms hand # 56885185 the hand was dealt, before I could grab my mouse, my cards folded. I’m just letting you know in case it starts to happen alot.

That’s odd, we’ll try and see what happened. Thanks for reporting.

I have had problems with hands folding also. I click on the call button and then the clock times out and folds me. Usually with good hands!

That’s odd. Sometimes it’s just a problem with the flash client on a particular pc. We’re switching over to html5, so that should stop problems like this happening in future. So, for now I’d say sit tight until we launch the new game client in the next few months!

Thanks Paul, looking forward to the new html5 system. I want you to know I really enjoy your poker site.

That’s great to hear! Thanks for the support.

Paul, 57196050

Dealer dealt me a pair of fives and dumped them immediately. There is the hand for you to see. Thanks, Towman5

Thanks for reporting townman5, that’s going to help us track down the problem. We’ll post another update when we know more.