Finished tournament archives

i would like to search finished tournaments to see if i signed up or not and if so how i finished.(100k went missing from my chips ,but i didn’t notice the loss till this morning) there was a 100k tournament and i would like to verify if i accidentally clicked on something that got me in it

Hi rgman.

ReplayPoker is working on a new lay-out of the site (maybe you saw it already, it was online for 1 day) also there will be improvements on the new site.

On the new site you can see your bank activity / history on your bank page. You can check your tournament logs (paid buy-in and won prizes), received daily bonus, bring in at ring game tables and the amount when you leave the ring game.

Will be much better:) Greetings Happiness.

i’m fairly excited to see the new and improved replay poker …it sounds like it will be much easier to navigate and get stats and data from the archives …BRING IT ON!!.. and thanks for your efforts on our behalf…rgman