Favorite Game and Worse Game on Replay Poker

Thank you grapevine and Litenin for your answers. I, too, grapevine like the special promotions that RP offers. They are fun to play and I enjoy the friendly competition, win or lose. I agree with you Litenin. Some of those tournaments are marathons. They have definitely taught me patience, which is a chore in and of itself. See you both on the tables.

my favorite is hi lo stud, i like pl much better than nl some of these idiots go all in over and over, i dislike royal as no skill involved just allot of all in,

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Thank you for your feedback minniemouse5. I am not a fan of the players that constantly go all in and I have been in several games where that happened. It takes all the fun out of the game.

@minniemouse5 Don’t miss the 7 Card Stud Spectacular · Replay Poker promotion the week of April 8. Nice to see replay giving Seven card stud MTTs some love .