Do you get Friend Requests



My apologies to anyone that sent me a friend request. I never saw any of them, except for 4, I think. haha, how DO those notifications work? (rhetorical)

Since we have achievements, it’s less of a friend thing, than getting an achievement, for most players. So, IDK … would be great to make actual friends, but that’s easier said than done.

Still having a time! xx take care

So my notifications are on and the only time I get them is via email. Nothing on the replay site.

same here…only by email. I don’t understand why Replay can’t put a littlr check by the friends icon like we have at endorsements???

With all do respect,i suggest Replay give us the icon notification symbol!
Simple fix …


Please check your Notification Settings to make sure that the “Receive Friend Requests” option is enabled:

We have had some players report that they do have it checked but still aren’t receiving the notifications. I’ve gone ahead and reported it to our Tech Team for them to look into further.

Thanks all for taking the time to report it!


i have it checked but never get a notification just email. Please give a. light up icon on the friends icon so we can know we have a request waiting.

Yep, i did the same thing and aww it sucks, i would love to be friends with a couple of these ppl now, but once you decline, never can you be friends, i been here 2 years now and know this, but wish i was told fronm day one.

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You can be friends with them, I know from experience. We all make mistakes but can be rectified. Send an e-mail to and ask them to reset that player. Trust me our support team is great and will do so.


no, but i hate most people anyway so i don’t give a damn

as a matter of policy, i only honor friend requests from those i know in real life (1). reason is i’ve had several unpleasant experiences, one of which ended up being a stalker in real life. this was on a different now-defunct website not well-moderated. nevertheless, player beware when you let them in (for reference, check out “Talk To Me”, terrific film).

I have no problem with people wanting to be my friend as long as they don’t expect me to be nice to them

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I do but I am not sure how it works yet

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hi lessen… ty for the advice… i sure would like to re friend the 1st 20 people that sent me a fiend’s request… that I declined …have close to 200 friend’s now… but missed out on a few… early when i started playing here.

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Hi @jedwins!

If you declined friend requests in the past, and you want to re-add them, please write to us at Include the username of the player you want to re-add if you accidentally denied their request, so we can do a reset.

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Check it, not the reason I don’t get any requests unfortunately.