Blundering 'Royal'ly

Royal tournys - Why am I always upside down (play when loser, fold when winner)? What am I doing? I like the game, but I think I’m becoming a mark for easy chips, lol! I kinda got the idea that you need a full boat, otherwise you got a weak hand. Is that right?

I’ve learned the hard way that Royal is way different than holdem (duh) in that 2 pair and str8s are risky hands to play…and if I go back to playing holdem after a long stretch of royal, I play way too tight.
Some people here can adjust their game immediately when switching…I ain’t there yet :grin:


Haha, I hear you. During the RPOS event, they rescheduled a Royal tourney and I ended up playing Royal and Omaha hi/lo at the same time. As a Holdem player, this melted a significant portion of my brain. I’m still not right.

I did OK but it was brutal.

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I think my head might have exploded in that situation :grin:

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