NL Royal Cash Games

I recently saw that there are Royal freeroll tournies and was interested in the concept (only 10 thru Ace cards used). So, I went looking for some cash games to try, but ALL of the tables at all levels are empty - just NOBODY there at all. Maybe Replay could spur some interest by actively promoting some cash games on the lobby with buy-in bonuses or something neat. I would really like to try this new (to me) game.

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You can get a pretty good idea what the game is like in a free roll tournament. It tends to have a LOT more variation than normal hold’em (more luck, in other words). Good luck with it. I’ve been fortunate at it, but won’t even pretend to understand it, and won’t play it in a ring game.

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moving all the royal freerolls out of peek times,and putting them where they are now disappoints me. They are unpopular with everyone except about 30 players who all have the same poker personality. Don’t waste your time with royal, its a game of luck

While Im here I would like to congratulate management on changing all the Omaha games to hi/lo. Omaha is another game which has a large element of luck.and Im very happy with that change.

Fake news. That didn’t happen. Omaha games are still where they are.

More fake news. Get your numbers and facts right before you post them in public forums.

Please show your psychology degree before evaluating everyone’s personality.

All poker games are games of luck and each format requires its own skills. Hold’em and Hi/Lo also have a large element of luck, and Royal and Omaha also require skills. You’re probably confusing them with flipping coins or throwing dice.

Try at different moments. You are welcome, it´s a very nice game, you can´t lie often.

Hi Everyone

@MysticRiver, Royal is an acquired taste but it is here to stay. If you join an empty ring game of any type there is a chance someone will join you and the game might fill, but there are some times of day where it is quieter than others. We recently introduced new Royal MTTs, which are going well and the Leaderboards for the game are quite competitive.

@FACEOFGOD You are talking about the Daily Freeroll schedule? We are going to mix it up before long so expect to see more Royal Daily Freerolls later in the day.

Due to a recent number of requests, we have created three new higher stakes Guaranteed Omaha tournaments and increased the size of a fourth, all of which will begin this weekend.

Look out for:

Omaha Cottonwood. 50,000 entry with 1 million GTD at 10:00 ET
Omaha Maple : 100,000 entry with 2 million GTD at 14:00 ET
Omaha Battle is changed to 100,000 entry with 2 million GTD at 17:30 ET
Omaha Sequioa 100:000 entry with 2 million GTD at 22:00 ET



Great news about the Omaha tourneys. :heart_eyes:
Thank you Rob!

Thanks for that maya. Theres always one person who wants to shut down the opinions of others. This is the place for suggestions and feedback ?
Its not the place for you to vent on other posters. I wont be shut down by you.
Its unfortunate that you cant see that there is a larger element of luck in royal than NLHE. I suppose it will become apparent to you as you gain more experience.Its also unfortunate that you dont grasp the concept of poker personalities and how to use the concept to your advantage.
That will come with experience aswell. Now you can have another dranatic post and try to shut me down again, but that would only confirm what Ive said.

Face of God, I don’t think I need to explain to you the difference between expressing an opinion and listing facts which are simply wrong.

You state Royal is unpopular with everyone except about 30 people.

If you had taken care to look at the Leaderboards, you’d have seen that last year over 2,000 players played Royal (s. Yearly MTT LB).
This month, and we still are at the beginning of June, over 900 players played the one or the other Royal tournament (s. Monthly MTT LB).
This doesn’t suggest Royal is as unpopular as you say.

You congratulate the management for changing all Omaha tournaments into Omaha hi-lo. Whence did you get that information? Go to the Lobby, and you’ll see there are still several Omaha tournaments, sng and ring games.

According to your opinion, Royal players have all the same poker personality. But… if you don’t like the format, and you never play it, how can you express such a drastic judgement?
Sorry, but at a first impression I’d say your “verdict” derives rather from a superficial observation and a prejudice than a serious analysis.
You can’t have gotten your experience at Pokerstars either. I was there for a couple of years myself, and I played ALL formats (more or less 12 variations), and as much I remember Royal was not an option.

How much luck or how much skill are involved in the different poker formats, is a question on which poker players won’t ever agree. One only needs to look at Replay’s polls on the subject.

And finally, I genuinely wonder why you feel the need to “fight” against Royal and Omaha, only because you don’t like those formats. Where is the personal disadvantage for you if Replay proposes them? Why do you want to spoil the fun of people who enjoy playing them?
There are so many different tournaments, sng and ring games to choose from!

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I think there is very little left to say after @miri123 's reply.
The only thing I would like to add is that you don’t know me, you don’t know how much experience I have, and how much I know about poker personalities. You just assume that I need more experience because it helps with your argument.
I’ve played Royal long enough to know that players have hugely different poker personalities, same as any other format, and I know very well how to use it to my advantage when possible.

Pretending you know for a fact that “the only 30 Royal players in the world have the exact same poker personality”, while -as Miri pointed out- you never played that much Royal to begin with in order to make such assumption, is totally absurd.

It’s never my intention to shut anyone’s opinion down, but I am entitled to give mine as much as you are, and to correct someone else’s alternative facts when I know they are misleading.

I hope my reply didn’t come across as trying to shut you down like you have predicted, and hope you can look again at your post and see that -again as Miri pointed out- it was not just an opinion, but also a set of wrong unfounded “facts”.

All the best.


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I had no trouble finding Maya’s profile on here. I even pasted excerpts from it for you (cant be bothered to do a screenshot). You are twice mistaken to allege Maya is in any way in breach of RP rules and any accusation of trolling is unfair and unjustified.
Royal is a game with much higher variance in that 1 card may completely alter the value of any hand and this makes it a hard game to master but once you do master it, it is a great game. in fact 103 players competed in the latest freeroll. Ohaha is also a wonderful game that requires a special skillset to master. Many top pro players can not play it yet RP offers it, free of charge, so we all may try it.
As RP grows it will introduce more and more different variations of the game and I have no doubts that some will be more popular than others, some each of us may like or dislike. Disliking something is a valid reason to avoid it but it is not a reason to attempt to spoil others enjoyment of it.
I hope you enjoy your hours spent here and wish you good cards…


Thanks @whoeverit
I missed his accusations and I’m sure they were justly deleted.
I very much appreciate your post and agree with everything you said.
Thanks again to you, and to the mod who deleted them. Much appreciated.

Hi All,

Thanks to each of you for your comments regarding our Omaha and Royal games. As previously posted by ChasetheRiver, our Poker Ops Manager, new Omaha games have been added to the Lobby. We hope you enjoy these new high-stakes gamesj!

As this topic has reached a conclusion, it is now closed.

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