Royal & Omaha!

What the heck, over!! What is a good hand?? When should I bail? I’ve tried playing royal & omaha tournies for a few weeks now, and I’m still pretty much just a chip dispenser, lol! Am I missing something?

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Bail before the first hand is dealt. Play NLHE. :slight_smile:

Here’s a good thread about Royal Poker where you can read about which hands are considered good and which aren’t and learn a few tricks:

Royal Poker Advice

And Regarding Omaha, here are 2 articles on Replay blog that can also be useful:

How I learned to love the four card game

Quick guide to Omaha starting hands

Hope this helps. Best of luck!

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Royal Hold 'em is a slight variation of Hold 'em (or Texas Hold 'em). Only 6 people can play at a time and the deck will consist of only 20 cards. The other difference with Royal Hold 'em is that the lower cards, cards 2 through 9, are removed from the deck - leaving only Tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces.

The same rules and betting applies as they do in Hold 'em, but with more betting, less folding, and bigger winning hands - adding to the excitement!

Royal Hold 'em ranking of hands for winning combinations from highest to lowest:
1.Royal Flush (the only Flush possible in Royal Hold 'em)
2.4 of a kind
3.Full House
5.Two pair

People all have different opinions but

AA, KK, AK, QQ, AQ, AJ, KQ = best hands

TT - 10J - win the least at showdown, don’t play unless you like throwing money away

High card value is important (K10 is much better than QJ… though rarely play either outside of the bb) watch out for under-boats
If you flop a straight you are usually going to do no better than a split pot… Only bet if you like throwing money away. your hand & 3 flop cards make a straight… I SAY FOLD
Know when/who to bluff, especially on the button
I don’t encourage a raise pre flop… hand disguising is more chips than the little added value you get from raising.
Play the turn aggressively. if you have KQ and the board reads KQJ10, you want to get more money in the pot because there are only 6 cards that will most likely not give you at least a chop(3 J’s and 3 T’s). A king or queen will give you the best hand most times… and an Ace will split.

okay “secrets” – IF the board has A K Q J 10 unless there are 3 of the same suit everyone gets a straight & splits the pot. – Exception is the royal flush

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Omaha is the same as hold 'em, except you have 4 cards in your hand & can only use 2 of them, then you can only use 3 cards from the community board (flop turn river) remember only 2 hand card & 3 board cards for the best 5 total cards… Hi lo is another creature. hope this helps you JL

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I think trips still beats two pair.


too bad you can’t get trips in royal :):kissing_closed_eyes:

The mistake beginners make in Royal is to bet on straights. Straights don’t win. Most frequent winners are full houses. To begin with bet if you have a full house, otherwise don’t. Hand pairs are silent killers that you will learn over the course of time. Omaha has too many winners than Hold 'em, and close winners. You need lot more practice (probably in the ring) to read through the winners and distinguish between the close ones.

Thanks to all for the help and info. I think I’ll play it more conservative and fold more often - too bad for the players that have been bleeding me haha! Enjoy!


I waited for someone else to ask what might be a dumb question but I’m pretty good at asking dumb questions so:
How is it that one can’t get trips?
ie you’re dealt T T xx and the flop is xxT…wouldn’t I have TTTxx?
In my defense, I’ve only played royal a handful of times :blush:

There are no trips in Royal by the turn or the river.
If at the flop you have trips and you make everyone else fold, you can argue that you won with trips, but then you can also win with 1 pair using the same logic.
However, 1 pair and 3 of a kind don’t exist in any normal hand in Royal. If you have 1 pair or trips at the flop this means you will at least have a straight ten to ace by the river.

I see, that makes sense…thx Maya

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I saw you have your reply Grandy, but I couldn’t not post what I started :slight_smile: huggs
If you get trips, it will turn into a full house, there are 25 total cards & each player will see 7
before play ends so all possible 4 card combo’s

AAAA – AKQQ - KKQQ - KJ1010 - - - QJ1010
AAKQ --AKQJ – KKQJ - - K101010-- -JJJJ
AAJJ - -AKQ10 - KKQ10 - -QQQQ - - JJJ10
AAAK - AKJJ - - KQQQ - QQQJ - – - -JJ1010
AAAJ – -AKJ10 - KQQJ - -QQQ10 - – -J101010
AAA10- AK1010 - KQQ10 - QQJJ - – 10101010
AAKK - KKKK - - KQJJ - - QQJ10
AAKQ - KKKQ - KQJ10 - -QQ1010
AAKJ - -KKKJ - - KJJJ - - - QJJJ
AAK10 - KKK10 -KJJ10 - -QJJ10

all possible 3 card combo’s

KKQ - -QQJ - KKK - - -QQQ - - J1010- 101010
AAA - -AKK - -AQJ - - KKJ – - QQ10
AAK - -AKQ - -AQ10 - - KK10 - - QJJ
AAQ - AKJ - - AJJ - - KQQ - - QJ10
AAJ - -AK10 - -AJ10 - - KQJ - - JJJ
AA10 - -AQQ - -A1010 - -KQ10 - - JJ10

put any 4 cards with any 3 cards and you will be better or worse than 3 of a kind
but please don’t use any combo’s the give you more than 4 of any kind :slight_smile:

ah yes, now I remember why I felt like a knucklehead the few times I tried Royal…maybe I should try it again tho :slightly_smiling_face:

My basic rule is, 1 pair or better at flop, 2 pairs or better at the turn, or fold it before river.
If you want more of how I play please PM me.

Thx Juice, I may take you up on that :slightly_smiling_face:

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