BE A NIT & FOLD MORE! (limped pot)

Limped pot, flop/turn check. River ALL IN? This is BINGO, and bingo works!

It never ceases to amaze me how players can put ALL CHIPS into a very small pot without the nuts.

I have folded massive pots on occasion considering I’m often splitting, losing or calling a bluff.

BTN limps, I defend K9o BB.

In this hand I’m losing to lots of hands on river, but how often am I bluffing? Maybe NEVER?

Villain: FLUSH, how many check turn & slow play?
AK nut straight, no pre flop raise?

However I beat any 9 straight, set or 2pair.

The player is call happy so I go nuts on river!

This should be a fairly easy fold for a decent player (Villain) on river?

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The part which I don’t like is we can’t see what hand Jeteggs66 had. There was a time when in this situation if (s)he called we could see both final hands played since (s)he paid to see your hand.

Kind of ruins the Replay hands aspect of watching replays.

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Pretty sure you only get to see mucked hands if you were in the pot, and that’s the way it’s always been.

I don’t think I ever find the shove there on the river in real time, but I do think it’s a great play.
Weak flushes are betting the turn almost always, good flush draws are going to raise pre or at least semi-bluff the flop. I can’t see how any flush min-raises a 2x overbet on the river. I can’t imagine any hand that does though. If I had to guess, maybe Ad9x for some weird bluff with value that then has to call?

No, this isn’t true. We used to be able to see the hands when someone paid to see them as in this example. It was changed some time ago which was previously a good feature of watching replayed hands. Now, we have to wonder why someone called the bet.

Ah, that would indeed have been a good feature.

I’m pretty sure you can still see the hand of the player who paid to see it.

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Would you care to share how it can be done after all this is a forum sharing info?

I even checked Jetegg’s hand history and it showed the same as the above link. Maybe @DogsOfWar can let us know what Jetegg’s final hand was?

I’m guessing Jetegg was chasing a 4 flush hand or had a two pair or a set. But to call a 4 flush with 1 million chips after the river card would’ve been a very bad move.

Perhaps I am misunderstanding this thread since you have been a player here for some time and should know that the cards are displayed of anyone who has paid to see. Unless there is some perverse setting that I am unaware of, the hand that DogsOfWar posted is an anomaly. Maybe, a mod or tech can jump in here for expedience sake.
In any case, here, I think, is what you are asking for:

Yes, that was the way it always worked when the raise was called. So, why wasn’t Jetegg’s hand shown?

I don’t think it’s an anomaly because it occurs a lot.

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We have all seen for awhile, when someone goes all in at times the result’s are not seen. Interesting that normally when playing the replay of the hand, at the least the cards are displayed on the table & in chat box!

Jetegg called the all-in. He only needs to show his cards to prove his hand is the better one. Jeteggs hand is only shown if he wins. If he loses his hand is junked. That is why we sometimes see both hands and sometimes we don’t.

That is not what happens in this hand. Here ksully calls the all-in and loses, yet his hand is shown:

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you know Villain prob has a 9 Straight.

RP has changed the way the hands are revealed. Any active player at the table will see ALL showdown cards. Villain has A9o.

The old system was better IMO. Part of having all show down cards displayed is part of an effort to make things more transparent for ALL active players and reduce or catch cheating/collusion IMO.

@lihiue it hasnt always been like that. It got changed in the last few years on RP. Many complained about it. As much as I dont like the way its been changed on RP I’ve noticed on poker streams showdown cards are revealed in hand replays, so its not a foreign RP change.

If Villain showed some moderate aggression, anywhere pre, flop or turn then I will more likely need to fold and hence never get the opportunity to make this crazy river jam.

@jujube & @smooth99

A lot of players dont understand exactly how the system works. Let me try and explain:

This is true. Although I didnt pay to see! I reraised or 3Bet ALL IN on the river! ANY player active for a hand played, meaning you received hole cards can see ALL showdown cards! I posted the pic to show A9o as the showdown from Villain, in my previous post. Note any player active in the hand could replay this hand to see what Jetegg is calling with. To be active you must get dealt cards, not just be seated at the table.

Previously RP would not reveal the callers showdown hole cards for Jetegg. Personally I dont think its fair that me the player in showdown or EVERY other active player in the hand is able to see Jeteggs showdown hole cards.

I thought it was fairly obvious that VIllain likely has a 9, which is the reason I jammed all in on river like a maniac, and didnt bother revealing A9o.

If villain had 2 pair you would think they would at least hesitate calling? IMO even a 9 straight should hesitate calling and make an easy fold. I wouldnt be surprised if Villain called fast with a set, even though its a weaker hand.

Because you were not active in the hand, you are not entitled to see the hidden mucked hole cards.

Thank you for that explanation DogsOfWar.
I read your profile and got past the yawn, but then my vision got blurry, so I’ll have to finish it later.

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I’ve never played live poker, but my understanding is that any player in the hand can request to see any hand the makes it to showdown, even if it’s mucked. I can’t remember why that rule exists, but it seems replay is just mimicking that, and I think this is the way basically all poker sites work. I think in live poker that it would be considered bad form to ask someone to show unless you had a very good reason to suspect something fishy was going on, so I could see why Replay might have initially chosen not to show them. I understood smooth99 to be saying that everyone used to be all to see all hands that went to showdown in the replay, whether they were in the hand or not though, which is the opposite extreme.

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Yes, this is the way it used to be. This was one of the Best Features of watching replays on a site called Replay Poker.

I don’t think it was called Replay Poker only if you were in the hand.

My profile is prob a good read if you have sleep problems & insomnia, but otherwise a waste of time! :slight_smile:

This is also my understanding from Googling. I dont play live poker either so I had/have little experience understanding these rules! I’ve done a lot of research since RP introduced new rules/procedures etc to try and understand WHY!

Agree! I think this is the only reason the rule exists, as a means to check for collusion and cheating etc. Unlike RP you cant just check all showdown hole cards!

It worked the opposite in the past! Mucked hands were MUCKED and NOT available for anyone to see previously in the Replay. So WHY did RP change it? They didnt specify but but I think it revolved around cheating and soft play in SNG/MTT, based on chit/chat etc.

If Hero gets dealt a hand and Replays it on RP currently, even if they folded pre flop they can see ALL showdown cards even mucked cards! This is basically the same as asking the dealer to reveal mucked cards etc. Personally I dont like that power to use a RP, but the chips are FREE and worthless so… I guess my expectations are too high…