Well done

when he checked the turn, then shoved on the river, i was in his pocket


BTW ii know what i did wrong. the min raise, preflop, should have been at least 3BB.
the raise, post flop, should have screamed 2pr, or set, but for some reason i saw it as a semi-bluff, with him chasing the same draw that i was. the turn and river solidified what i already believed. this tunnel vision problem is costing me chips, making me fall for tactics i use on others, and will be fixed. i did think V did a pretty good job of reeling me in, though.

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Don’t get in this habit of putting V’s on draws that you block heavily.

Well you did accurately point out this mistake. Is this a leak, something you do a lot, if it is consciously work on stopping that. You’re just guaranteeing that you’ll be playing a lot of super multi-way hands in bloated pots. I don’t think 3 bb’s is big enough over 3 limpers. I’d be either going to 5-6 bb’s or over limping with the raise being my first choice.

Sounds like you jumped on the hook and swam up to the boat. V gets credit for going fishing in the first place though.

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You needed the 7c9c there.