Bankroll Management: What's the Best Way to Move Up in Stakes?

I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts on the best way to move up in stakes based on your bankroll. For example, if you have a 1M bankroll, what’s the highest stakes table you should be playing at if you want to build your roll and avoid going broke on a bad run?

My rule of thumb is that your max buy-in should be no more than 20% of your bankroll. So, with a 1M bankroll, you should avoid playing at tables with a buy-in range of 500K - 1.5M, since a single bad beat could wipe you out.

What are your thoughts on this? What’s your bankroll management strategy?

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In real poker it’s recommended that your bankroll be anywhere from 20-40 times the stakes that you’re playing due to variance.


Personally I only play Freeroll or use a ticket to register for tournaments, that way I don’t drop any chips and if I win something, it’s a bonus. Even going up a thousand here, a few thousand there, it all adds up.

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I try to keep it down to 5% of my bankroll, but I have done more occasionally.
With a 1 mil bankroll, I think at the ring you’d play the 100/200 blinds where max buy-in is 40k.
I’d also say always go with the max buy-in.
50k buy-in would be the max at a tourney.

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Excuse the shameless bump, but we have some Blog articles which might be relevant to your question

20% of your bankroll is definitely too high to risk at one time, unless you plan to yo-yo between stakes after nearly every session.
The danger is from not only Bad Beats and Coolers, playing with scared money induces you to fold profitable situations. Risking an entire buy in with AA or a massive draw 4 ways etc should be a compulsory play and not depend on second guessing the outcome.

Best of Luck


I use a 10% risk to my BR, when entering a ring game. If I have 60 mil in my account, max buy in is 6 mil, that is if I am running well and want to play higher stakes that day, this is a one-shot risk, no rebuys. At a lower stake game using rebuys, I will cut losses at 10% of my BR, that way I never lose more than 10% and have 9 more chances to recover.

10% is my max no
Matter where I’m playing

START with a strategy FIRST and SECOND ask yourself some questions:

  1. are you happy to buy chips one time or occasionally? (budget)
  2. mindset: are you strong mentally and ok to lose larger or massive chunks of bankroll and bounce back?
  3. game selection: what games do you like: ring, MTT SnG?
  4. skill level?

I think most players on RP have no strategy or BRM understanding. Continuously adjust your BRM strategy to suit your needs and answers to above Qs!

For the average player 20% is way too aggressive! As said: @Chasetheriver: “20% of your bankroll is definitely too high to risk at one time…” A lot of players like to buy regularly and gamble hard so if willing to buy then 20% is conservative lol!

If you NEVER buy 20% is ok to start with! I would start with gambling 100% BRM strategy on day 1 on RP with 2500 chips and slowly tighten BRM strategy. Maybe 50% max or tighter at 50K -100K chips for a decent player. At 1M for the average winning player I would suggest 20% - 10% at max invest in ring and much tighter in MTT. It depends a lot on skill and tolerance for risk reward! For a mentally strong player that can intelligently lose a lot and not soil :poop: their diaper :safety_pin:, invest then risk more heavily!

In summary - start with the objective to win and be a winning player - ask lots of Qs then develop and implement a BRM strategy! Start aggressively in investing BRM and slowly tighten investments. Adapt frequently and learn to accept wins and losses unemotionally.

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Thank you.