New Stakes Level

I think that once you hit 100 million chips in your bankroll you should have the Elite Stakes on profile card,since well there already is elite tables,having that on card is also kinda like a trophy for those who play very hard to get where they are at

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i like the idea :+1:

only thing i like to add on this is that it would be a huge gap between the low, medium and high titles.

you get to medium at 75k and to high at 250k, which is slightly above 3x multiplier. so 100M would be a 400x multiplier.

i like to add on this as well that i do think 100M is appropriate for elite title, the BRM would still be quite loose, even for shortstacking the stakes, but at least with both great skill and mental skill (to move down at a downswing) it’s possible to play there at 100M (just to be clear, i’m saying possible, not right). but the same thing defenitely can’t be said about the high stakes. 250K to play at high stakes is the perfect recipe to go broke. the lowest stakes there are 2k/4k with a BI of 200k-800k. so the title is actually recommending to play with only 1 shortstack BI as soon as you get 250K. in other words, the title recommends you throw your entire roll out of the window!

so the point i’m making is that i defenitely like your idea, but i would raise the current titles
a lot with them so they are giving the appropriate advise to beginning players instead of advising them to play with 1 BI at the high stakes.