Astral Ursa Pegasus

Could you explain to me what the difference is in both these cases , please? Astral Ursa Major both 9 and 6 seat tables qualify for First/Best 20 games but in the Astral Ursa Pegasus only the 6 seat games count for First/Best 20 games . Why is that ?

We only have 6-seat games for Pegasus. We were concerned that 9-seats would take too long to fill at a 100k buy-in. If we do add 9-seat Pegasus games, they will count just like the others. :slight_smile:

They seem to becoming more popular and I have seen players mentioning it on the tables, and would probably attract more players to play 100k games… thanks for the quick response Ash .

Thank you for bringing this topic up as many of us are wondering the same thing. I played many 25k games because the astral 1st/best20 leader boards, however i was forced to leave 50k medium games because those games were not included to compete in 1st/best 20. now im playing high stake astrals every week but we are forced to play on a 6 seat table and most of us like playing on 9 seat tables. I would like the option of a 6 seat and 9 seat table for the astral 1st/best20 so all of us wanting to play either 6 seat or 9 seat can enjoy the games just like in medium stakes there are 6 and 9 seat tables for the astral games. I understand that the 50ks in medium and 250ks and 500ks in high werent included because not enough players would join those to play 20 or more games a week, but lets at least keep it equal in high stakes on 100k tables as the 25k tables in medium, and that is to have 6 and 9 seat tables in astral games on both 25ks and 100k games, thanks in advance for working on getting this done.

Im so glad this was brought up as well. I love playing 9 game seats and play them all the time in the 25k games. I would rather play the 100k games for 1st and best 20. I would like to have the option of playing the 9 seat as well. Ive just never been into to 6 game seats and would love to see that happen. I say give it a try I bet you would get more players to play in that. I really enjoy the 25k games. if you don’t do it for the 100 k games do it for the 50k games Im sure that would fill up fast in the Astral league as well. Thanks

I agree, if there are 100k 9 seat astral games then they would fill fast because more players that dont like 6 seat tables would play that arent playing now because they dont like 6 seat tables. just like in medium, the 9 seat tables are more popular than the 6 seaters. I think that would be the same case in high games too. Also i have heard many players from medium say that they would play them but they dont because they dont want to play on 6 seat tables, thanks


Thanks everyone for the feedback and thank Ash for looping me in so quickly.

We have already noticed that 9 max SnG are making up about 70% of the games played in the Astral Weekly Leagues. Probably due to more tournament points for first place.

In the light of this discussion and the fact that 9 handed SnG are filling up in other Astral levels, we would be happy to introduce Pegasus 9 max tournaments alongside the 6 max events.

I don’t like making major changes mid month which might impact monthly Leaderboards. The 100,000 SnG are contributing to the Monthly SnG LB - High, which is already taking shape. Even though 100,000 is the lowest stake in the Monthly SnG LB - High, I think it would be fairer on those who have earned points in the 100,000 6 max games if 9 max games awarding more points for first were introduced nearer the end of the month.

Therefore, I propose starting 9 max Astral Pegasus from Sunday 26th Aug



Thanks so much Rob and Ash… always so helpful .

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Awesome Rob thanks for doing this… will be a great addition I know i will be playing the 100k games now rather than the 25k games…Just a thought u may look into doing the 50k as well. I think u would be surprised on that one as well.

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sorry Ash meant to say thank you as well :slight_smile:

rob and ash thanks so much, we will see more high stake players now because of this so more competition is good right. And as sand had said, if u could somehow get 50k tables included i know that would attract both medium and high players just like the 100ks. thx again in getting this done so fast

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Just looked and the 100k 9 seat table is available to play starting today for the pegasus 1st and best 20 leader boards on high stake sit n go games but keep in mind that all games count towards your 60 monthly games leader board too.