Are you losing with AK a lot?

Hi there!With A K I’m dealt very very much in poker tournament’s and in every hand in all in pre-flop I win .For me it’s the best cards in poker,but you must be carefully on players who call all the all-ins(because are a few who call with all the cards ex:4 2 and beat me with no emotions)
In my opinion A K it’s a valuable hand who can make difference between the top players

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It is cognitive bias lol

If there’s math that indicates the site is rigged, I’d love to see it, but no-one has provided any so far.

This is the wrong thread for this discussion anyway, see: The fairness debate

Yes, I was totally aware of a post made back in 2012, and would be willing to necropost as that makes the most sense. As if this being commented on here somehow invalidates it.

Why do they choose to hide behind an outdated RNG certificate as concrete proof when the site has gone through major revisions since that RNG certificate was made?

I’ll give you some math, go calculate the odds of three pocket pairs being dealt at the same hand in a 4 person table, and all of them catching a full house. The percentage of that is something to the tune of 0.0001%, I’ve seen that happen in multiple games. I posted some different odds in my previous comment here. Getting AA five times in one night in a total of two games. Getting dealt AA is a 1/221 chance in of itself. So in 2 games, getting them 5 times is pretty rare. There’s frankly incredulously unlikely things that I have seen happen so frequently, it’s hard to call it random. I’ve seen the same exact hands, suit and all be dealt back to back.

But I do notice the people defending this all seem to have an absurd amount of chips that they most likely paid for, so for the claims that it is confirmation bias, to be coming from people who bought a huge amount of chips is ironic. Actually, I really don’t want to hear an answer on any of this from an unpaid mouthpiece. I’m just saying my experience and how I feel about it. Believe it or don’t, I don’t really care. But I know what I’ve seen and what the odds are.

That thread started in 2012, but the most recent post is less than a month old. I’m sure the mods will move these posts there soon enough anyway.

Just calculating the odds of something doesn’t prove anything. The odds that the deck was in the order it was for the last hand you played is 1 in 8x10^67 - so astronomically small that it should never happen, and yet it did. Rare things happen all the time, and not just in poker: Low Probability Events

The maths that needs to be done is to calculate the probability that rare events are occurring at the observed frequency. This needs to be done over a large sample to be meaningful. I’ve only seen one person bother to even calculate the frequency at which they were seeing certain events, and they concluded it was exactly inline with what you should expect.

I’m not doubting your personal experience, I just wouldn’t conclude that the site must be rigged base on what you’ve provided so far. I would definitely care if that was the case though (the tens of thousands of dollars I most likely spent on chips might be at stake :slight_smile: )

Man, it’s wild how even pros can get caught up overplaying AK, It’s a strong hand, but yeah, gotta know when to hold 'em and when to fold 'em, especially with high stakes!

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As someone said before, AK (off or even more if suited) is a hand you have to push when you have xBB, considering the stage of the tourney etc…

There are probably some occasions where you are in trouble with that (as you said the bubble, or also, see this example: MTT tourney. UTG opens, UTG+1 flat, middle squeezes, someone else 5bet all in. Well, then you are in trouble with your AK from the BB - for instance -, and if you have like 30BB, u can consider to fold).

But… this is a very rare scenario. Said that, if you pick whatever software poker solver and put the right data on it, AK is mostly a shove in the cases you said. It’s math, And yes, you have to flip sometimes. That’s poker. Reading your post it seems that you are considering just the single play, while you should have to look at the long run (that s why solvers tell you that AK is often a JAM preflop). Enjoy and Good luck at the tables :smiley:

Only read one sentence:) and remembered you’re the guy that says " RAISE every hand you play" lol----Can not take advice from that lol:).

I do not mean 2 be awww ignorant-only read your first 2 sentences.::)…If you need instructions on how to play AK (or any hand) you need to just play at re-play (fun free site) as after a couple of months, you should know by heart how to play any hand in any situation:).

AK has alot of potential but you have to be careful because although it has a ton of possibilities and equity, it is not a made hand. AK is a hand alot of players chase to the river too even when the board and the opponent are telling you your hand is beat. Play it strong pre flop but be able to get away from it if the signs are bad.

There are a lot of reasons people shouldn’t take any advice I have to give too seriously, but if that’s the one you’re going with, I’m curious who you would recommend as a good source of advice?

Well, the AK thing is quite painful for most players because you have the best non-pair hand and also, apart from AA and KK, you have two super live cards versus all other pairs. AK is a strong hand and preflop should definitely be played aggressively. In freerolls and micro tournaments AK is shove preflop in most situations. The bad stuff starts postflop. In my opinion postflop game requires good coaching. You can play ABC fit-or-fold postflop game at the micros, but as you climb up the stakes you need more deception in your game. A good rule of thumb is on the flop if you have AK overcards OOP and the board is mid-to high card semi/full coordinated you hve to check fold.

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Mathematically it is the best non-pair hand, in reality it feels like it can lose to anything

I have definitely lost a lot with AK, I usually get carried away by these cards and the reality is that they are only 2 high cards nothing more and nothing less, although it all depends on the particular situation of each moment, a mistake is to go very often all in with these cards as if there was no tomorrow

I would say take advice from yourself:)–NO offense, but i still play small cash games with BEGINERS who LOVE to raise EVERY hand they play (like your good advice says lol ) and me and my friends just lol and watch them lose their money every single day:)…Better to just play on a fun free site like re-play my friend:).

sometimes players just won’t fold, lol…replay special

It might be different in a tournament, but if I made it to the flop with JdTd there in a ring game, I’m never folding either. Tried to get as close as I could in GTO Wizard. It’s always calling the flop and also calling the turn with a half pot bet or more left on the river too. It’s indifferent at around quarter pot left, and obviously folds if you had gone all in on the turn (but it doesn’t recommend that with AK).
I think you both played that hand well.

Well, you’ve convinced me. There’s no way a beginner player could lose to a group with 20+ years experience if they open limped. Plus, parts of your post are in ALL CAPS, so it must be true.
I now agree that anyone who suggested open raising every hand you want to play is so bad all their advice should be ignored. I’m going to block/unsubscribe from every poker player/site who made that recommendation. I think that’s EVERYONE though, so it might take a while. : )

I try not to concentrate on things like if loose with a certain hand too much. I just try to play all hands as good as possible and whatever happens, happens.

U loose sometimes u win sometimes :wink: i hear people all the time complain that they cant win with certain hands. Its very easy to build up negative bias against certain hands after multiple bad runs and that is a dangerous thing in poker.

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AK is like a beach house. If it’s not sunny, there’s no beach.

If you don’t get the A or K, it’s not sunny in poker. AK is an excellent hand, but it doesn’t define whether you will win the pot. Pocket pair 22 can trip and you lose with your A or K pair.

Anyway, all players like AK, the problem is being able to let go so as not to get into trouble.