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Don’t you just hate it when this happens. 6pm Bounty hunter 20/01/22

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Nice hand Dome :+1:t2:


Yeah, sucks when that happens.

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I believe that’s why they call it gambling.

Didn’t look like any of you considered someone might have a flush.

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Terrible play all around. You limped from UTG allowing the player with Q7 spades to limp in after you, and after the BB raised with BB the pot became too big for anyone to fold preflop.

AK does not play particularly well in multiway pots. Top pair top kicker on the flop loses value if several players are shooting for straights and flushes or two pairs on later streets and won’t fold to any bet.

If you had reraised after BB raised preflop, you might have knocked out the other two players and won the pot, but at this level (judging by the ranking numbers all are beginners) probably the player with A9 clubs would have called any bet preflop and postflop and would have won the pot anyway.

The most popular move in beginner level poker, and even at the highest levels of RP is the preflop limp-call which relies on getting lucky on the flop or later streets, and surrenders any opportunity to take down the blinds unchallenged with a preflop raise, or to at least find out how much other players like their hand preflop.

The problem with the preflop limp with AK or any other hand, is that you certainly allow the BB into the hand with any two cards, and probably the SB too if he has any kind of playable hand. WIth one limper in the pot, the SB is getting odds of 5:1 to complete the bet, and usually the BB will not raise. Now with AK you may well flop top pair top kicker, or at least have reason to think that you are still ahead if you miss, but you have zero information about what opponents hold and they can represent any hand, for example trips or two pairs. If you suspect a bluff and have a large stack, you can call, but otherwise you probably have to fold and look for a better spot.

As I said, AK does not play all that well in multiway pots.

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