Amazing sequence of hands

Amazing sequence of 4 successive hands.

#1 QQ raise from early, flopped a set and won huge pot and trebled up.
#2 AQ. Forced 4 limpers to fold preflop.
#3 QQ. Ended up in 3-way pot and made set on turn, but beaten by KK making set, but won the side pot and broke even on the hand.
#4 Moved to new table. First hand QQ. Reraised early raiser from 300 to 500 (not high enough), flop came with Queens at top of straight draw. Won pot on flop.

So that meant that 7 out of 8 successive cards dealt to me were Queens.


Once more we can definitely affirm this site is rigged…

lol, nice hands man, we’re allowed to run good some times :wink:


i hit 9 J in 3 successive hands once. 2 of them quads. the rewards were dismal.

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