Three in a row

check out the current, and previous hand numbers, if they’re not too small.
i’ve gotten straights back to back, boats back to back, ect., and once, sets, back to back. this is my first time hitting (and winning) `3 consecutive flushes.
Yep. I’m that guy who enters a hand with his suited 2 gapper , and will not be dissuaded by superior cards, stack dissolving bets, or less that affectionate glares from the room. No, nothing will deter my journey toward that great equalizer of poker players, The River. Said to make the proud, humble, the short-stack, rejoice, the river weaves delight and despair amidst the whirls of calculated plots, plans, mathematical solving, and a burning desire to exploit, and dominate
your peers…
but I regress.
So…why am I calling bets with mediocre hands, trying to beat the odds and land a flush which probably won’t beat any other flush at the table?

It’s Freaky Flush Friday, at Replay.

you don’t need to win, or even see your opponents cards, to enjoy flushes. The mere sight of 4 or 5 suited cards on the board is enough to bring a warm longing for the pair of kings you just threw away, after betting them hard, on earlier streets.
goodbye, friend set. goodbye, friend trips. we barely knew you. If only you had been a club.
My personal favorite is when the card flips to complete your top 2 pair, it just happens to be the suit needed to round out…you guessed it. so Come on down to Freaky Flush Friday, at Replay, before it becomes Saturday, and you miss out.

Sidenote: Prior to the first hand, I was chip poor, being stackl bullied and priced out of hands, and starting to cop an attitude. I decided to stay in the hand to the end, even it meant losing the hand and leaving the game
All I remember about the third hand was wondering if there would be a forth.
Turns out it was all for nought. The tourney only had three tickets, and I finished 4th

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I would have managed to lose all three hands to better flushes and boats. Out of the many flopped straights I had this weekend, I got stacked twice with them.

I can’t even hit a flush on three consecutive days, let alone hands. And yet a good 1/3 of the boards I see that make it to the river are four-suited. Just never for me. When I’m suited, I get rainbow flops that skip my color, and suited flops clashing with my hole cards.

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You will have suited hole cards about 23.5% of the time.

You should get suited cards 3 times in a row about 1.3% of the time.

Suited preflop, you should flush by the river about 6.5% of the time.

When you get dealt suited cards 3 times in a row, all 3 will flush by the river about 0.03% of the time.

This is roughly 1 in 3,650.

Unless I did the math wrong, which is entirely possible.


tks much, SunPower.
for someone with so little math skills, I’m nuts for odds and statistics.