Funny Poker Hand

Here is what I thought was a funny poker hand: (my hand QQ).

I see the flop and think well I have the queen so chances are he won’t have the straight (I have a blocker) and I have either top pair or a straight draw, when I see his cards Im whamboozled and ready to give props (probably should have folded after the flop bet).

Comment (positive / negative), post your own funny hands.


One word: whew! I would post a funny hand but most are pathetic! I will try to keep track of the funny ones. thanks for starting this thread.:grinning:

Friend of mine - not funny really unless you are amused by suckouts:


@1Warlock Wow I can’t believe he called (he still would have had a little over 100K though).

Yeah, this one hurts my head to watch. Fine to see the flop but the 2nd call is simply nuts. Possibly drawing absolutely dead and best case can count on 3 outs twice to make any hand at all. This is what I was talking about when I said people don’t come here to fold. Also true of the statement about binary decision making. Possible = call. Only Impossible gets folded, and that’s only sometimes :slight_smile:

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They sure do make it easy to bump up in MTT’s :smiley:

And for more enjoyment on nutty hands this evening, I present this beauty (FYI I have 6s 9d in the muck):

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just make 69 off a standard preflop all-in hand and all your trouble will be gone :stuck_out_tongue:


6/9o beats the heck out of KK lately. How many times can I possible have that hand run into AA in the space of 2 days? I think I just had my 4th time? Uncanny.

*** to change things up, ran Q’s into K’s. This is getting a bit weird. Every single pocket pair is an over-pair to the flop, just not the highest one.

I have always had problems w KK here. Its just about going into my auto fold column. Just so hard to foldem preflop. By the way, 69 off beat my bullets earlier tonite. I feel the pain.

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That’s is funny they all split the pot you could have won, but with all the betting after the flop I would have gotten out of the way (lose/lose) but still cool and funny!

I wonder how the pooling system works (I’m sure these guys have expert coders on the backend ;)).

That’s why yiazmat suggests shoving the 6/9o so you get to see all 5 cards :slight_smile:

No idea about how their backend works but mine is getting sore from the beatings

It will get sore’er if you shove with 6/9o lol


I had AA last night UTG and open raised for 3.5BB. Got 4 callers (of course). Flop is something like 3/7/8 all clubs. Of course I do not hold the Ac. 1st player to act min-bets then its on to me. I put in a decent but not huge raise to see where I was and hope to fold out most pairs and str draws. Player after me calls my raise and then 4th player raises huge.

1st to act folds and I put my A’s in the muck. Anyway, it winds up with 2 all-in and when they put them on their backs, its pocket J’s vs 9/5c. Suited Dolly Parton hand wins a big one. Sometimes you just want to cry. Had the hand played out in more of a traditional way, the 9/5s would never have been in it (I raise, J’s 3-bets and probably folded back around to me).

Sometimes A’s are just flat beat on the flop and you know it. Cant fall in love with them - just have to throw them in the muck and regroup mentally.

lol I played this one like an idiot :smiley:

I have As2s I called to see a cheap flop, everyone is putting a buck 50 in so I raise 3x the blind after the flop, figuring I have top pair (with a really weak kicker) and a flush draw. And of course I didn’t get there and should have never been there in the first place.

StngRay1122 called because he had a straight draw and a high kicker (which I may have done??? there is a possible flush out there).

But all in all I see the error of my ways and I should have just called :smiley: instead of raising this way I could see the flop and see what kind of bet comes my way (hopefully small) to see the turn then could have gotten out of the way.

I donked it having a weak kicker lol what was I thinking (seemed like the table was sinking) and I tilted doh…

Lets go to the video tape …

Meh - I’d see a flop there with the suited A in position with a ton of limpers. I frankly would have been happy to see the turn for 300 chips and hope the other 2 players also call the min-raise. Let the pot bloat up since you are likely the absolute nuts if another spade comes up. Your raise was effectively an all-in though. You were in that pot to stay anyway so I’d either have called the 300 or shoved the whole thing at once. Being effectively all-in without actually being all-in is a weird place to be.

The verdict? You are going to need to try harder if you want to play like a real idiot. Now go out there and do something really stupid that’s worth writing about so we can all have a good laugh at your expense :slight_smile:


Hahahaha! Awesome verdict.

And appreciate the advice.

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No worries. If you want coaching on how to be a better idiot, I’ll introduce you to the guy who called off his whole stack to the river looking for and catching 1 of his 2 possible outs on me. Blind on blind and I raise from SB to 2.5x as its getting late in the SnG and this is more than enough to fold out most hands. He calls. Flop is K106 and I’ve nailed top pair with a good kicker (J - I think). I bet pot and he calls. Interesting. Turn is a 5, connecting only with 5/6 so I bet half pot and he calls. River is another 6 and I bet half - he shoves. I make the call as it isn’t all that much more for me and he flips over 6/2. Sigh.

So, I hear he’s giving lessons if you are interested. 3rd pair, no kicker in a pot he shouldn’t have ever seen a flop on. Now that is some high-end idiocy. Give him a call at 1-800-DONK-OFF :slight_smile:

hahaha.[quote=“1Warlock, post:18, topic:6618”]
3rd pair, no kicker in a pot he shouldn’t have ever seen a flop on.

i like people who think 3rd pair 2kicker is nuts :slight_smile:.
only if they hit afterwards the fun is suddenly with the other guy :slight_smile:


This one cracks me up:
The KK’s are beat on the turn when he see’s the ace then the miracle K on the river (he’s gotta be like alright), then the reality, the K made the straight for the other guy.

Scary board but an open ended straight draw. I don’t know why but this one makes me laugh.

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