A lot of shoving at this SNG

Not exactly bingo play here, but the betting was very aggressive, with a lot of shoves.

I was caught offguard by this, as it’s not the typical style of play I run into in the Astral Ursa Major 9-seat Turbo. I got into a few hands that I thought I could play, and ran into bets I wasn’t prepared to call. Should I have? I don’t know. But I folded and gave up a lot of chips, until I was the bottom stack. Then shoved a middle hearts starting hand that I accidentally called a 510 raise with when I meant to fold, and got busted out in 6th.

If you’re going to bet like this, you have to pick your hands, and if you’re not expecting to get bet into like this, you’re likely playing too soft and will get crushed.

Starting hand is here:


The first hand I tried to play, I get shoved out of it very early by a player who ended up making Quad 5s, crushing another player who had a Straight:


Holy cow, QQ beat by KK vs KK in a split pot:


It’s still going on… I’m still watching, and the action has settled down considerably from the early stages, now that they’re down to 5 handed players, the bet sizes have come down somewhat. Still large, lots of pot-size betting, and I haven’t seen anyone shove in a few orbits.