The Guessing Game


Can you guess the band just based on emojis?

  1. :arrows_clockwise: :curling_stone::curling_stone:
  2. :back::motorway::boy::boy:
  3. :princess:
  4. :man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot::man_pilot:
  5. :policeman: :policewoman:

  1. Rolling Stones
  2. ?
  3. Queen
  4. 21 Pilots
  5. The Police


Very well done!! 2โ€™s all thatโ€™s left!

  1. Backstreet Boys


You got it!! Great job!


The name of an 80s band, which is also the title of a novel, and the title of a movie (not the proposal one).
Can you guess it??


Could it also be a medical procedure???




All about Eve


Thatโ€™s a good guess, but not the correct one.
Hint 1: The band is Australian. The first word of the name is shared with a movie title that has โ€œproposalโ€ as its second word.
Hint 2: One of their hit songs is โ€œTell Me Somethingโ€.


Indecent Obsession


Well done @C1ueless :clap:


More than 10 years ago: A king - A necklace - A star - A candle - A wish - 3 witches - A cross-dressing pirate - A 90โ€™s UK boy band reunited - A soundtrack.

Can you guess: The movie title, the band name, and the song title?


The movie could be โ€œStardustโ€. If Iโ€™m allowed to google Iโ€™ll tell you also the name of the band and of the soundtrack. :grin:


Well done Miri. The movie is indeed Stardust.
Since you guessed it, the rest is easy: the band is Take That and the soundtrack is Rule The World.


Can you guess the song?


How about now?


Laura Branigan โ€ฆSelf Control :slight_smile:


Well done Shady :clap:


Thanks Maya :slight_smile: