The Guessing Game


Both are correct smile


Woot :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Is the 3rd one Africa - Toto ?


It is, well done smile


A few new intro’s, do you recognize them?


3.Ram Jam - Black Betty
2.Kylie Minogue - cant get you out of my head
1.Gotye & kimbra - Somebody that I used to know. Video was body paint.


@whoeverit , all 3 correct !! smile


What does each set of 3 have in common?

  1. Car - Tree - Elephant.
  2. Swiss cheese - Donut - Bowling ball.
  3. Picnic - Card - Pool.
  4. Egg - Safe - Whip.
  5. Days - Continents - Seas.
  6. Pumpkins - Turkeys - Initials.
  7. Rhode Island - Dime - Pluto.
  8. Radio - Car engine - Piano.
  9. Africa - Matador - Little Red Riding Hood.


Ok I will try these
1 Trunk. All have a trunk
2 They all have holes
3Table follows each
4 They all get cracked
5 7 days 7 continents (depending on how one views continents) & 7 Seas
6 Hancock
7 They are all the smallest of their kind
8 Tune. They all gotta be tuned.
9 cape.


Well done @whoeverit all correct, except for 6 (correct answer is: they are all carved).


There are two English words that completely change their meaning and pronunciation when capitalized. What are they?


Polish/polish is one of them?
There is also Job/job.
And maybe Reading/reading? Maybe there are more than 2 words?


Well done, @Maya! I was thinking of Polish/polish, and Reading/reading. Hadn’t considered Job/job, and apparently Nice/nice also works.


What about China and china?


Both China (the country) and china (flatware) have the same pronunciation.

Polish (poh-lish) and polish (pah-lish); Reading (red-ding) and reading (reed-ding); Job (Joeb) and job (jahb); and Nice (neess) and nice (n’eyess) are all pronounced differently based on their capitalization.


Oops, I misread it. I thought it was only a question of capitalisation


A fairly easy one: can you spot the mistake in each of these pics?


Picture 1 : exit of the dock to small
Picture 2 : the handle of the bucket is at the wrong side?


Picture 1 : exit of the dock to small
Picture 2 : the handle of the bucket is at the wrong side
Picture 3 : Roller blades on the Ice


All correct, well done both :clap: