With a lot of luck, I came back to win this tourney

You’re not always out when you’re down. With a LOT of luck, I must admit to more gambling than poker, I came back to win.

Hand #460966016

sorry, I’m having trouble posting the link

Here you go: https://www.replaypoker.com/hand/replay/460966016

It’s very satisfying to make a comeback like that. You use the all-in bet very effectively with the big stack once you gained the upper hand, and when you were at risk you got lucky every time. The immediate comeback within 2 hands of getting decimated was a great help for you.

For a somewhat similar comeback, here’s a 3-Max I played last night. I started out to an early lead, getting well ahead of the other two opponents, then had the misfortune of running QQ into AA and TT. TT went bust, AA became the new big stack, and I mounted a campaign of steady pressure and took all his chips in the end.


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Thanks for the help with the link puggywug.
I had good cards scattered throughout the MTT. Sometimes I ran dry but when I had cards to gamble with I either hit or folded early.
When it was down to the last three seats I kinda let loose. Once again, a lotta luck and a little reigning in when I had nothing, won the prize.
I’m sure some of the other players don’t think I deserved it. Frankly neither do I. I have no problem taking advantage of good luck, but I still make too many dumb mistakes.
I guess ya can’t loose 'em all.

In most, if not all, of my tournament wins, there was at least one hand where I took a big risk and it went my way – whether calling a huge bet and hitting my monster draw, or betting big with some high cards against someone else’s higher cards, and lucking into a more favorable board that happens to miss them, or going all-in after getting decimated and recovering back to a healthy stack and going on to win. Luck is part of the game. But even when you have luck, you also have to have the skill, insight, and guts to really capitalize on it.

Sitting on about 10BB 3-handed in the big blind, facing two limpers who cover you, I like the jam with A4s. I’ve started working that into my 3-bet squeeze range as a bluff when deeper stacked, and I think it serves a similar function in this spot. It puts a lot of pressure on low pairs and broadways, and low-to-medium suited connectors or gappers will have to fold off their equity. Nice move!

Grats on the tournament win!

Thanks Wannabe, or as we say on the tables, ty. :wink:
I folded lots of Aces during the tournament. When it’s go time things have to change. I really think if either of my opponents had been more aggressive themselves, the outcome could have been different.