Why going all in preflop with monsters is always the right choice.

No where in the poker do you see everyone seeing the flop for cheap, every hand.
If i limp in with pocket aces, you are sure to get at least 4 or more callers.
Now pocket aces can’t improve much.
But the odds are good one of the 5 chasers will.
The more players you let see the flop, we weaker your monsters become.
First we have to eliminate most of the players.
When you go all in preflop; one of two things usually happen.
Every one will fold and your monsters aren’t at risk and you take the blinds…
next hand please.
Or you get one caller with a weaker holding and you get a nice chip up.
Once in awhile your kings will be up against aces.
Or someones pocket tens will trip.
But in the mean time.