What is your hardest combo of MTTs to play, at the same time?

What is your hardest combo of MTTs to play well and meet your goals, at the same time ? And why ?

Royal, 7 card stud regular or high-low, Omaha regular or hi-lo and regular Holdum


I find playing a team game… and any outher game at same time tuff… the reason being inn a team game you can never pre bet or perfold your hand… must wait for your turn to play… and do what is best for the team mates


I can’t comment on MTT’s but SnGs I used to occasionally play HU Royal & Holdem. It really takes me a few seconds to process my hole cards and think about my decision. HU is very fast, there is no time to take a break and snooze.

In Royal QQ is ok, hands like TT JJ JT are trash, but are strong in Holdem.

My main goal is to have fun! so playing these two combos was a fun challenge.

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It really is a fun & great challenge to win or be satisfied, with both game formats. Good for my old brain to keep it working and learning:)

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Playing any form of Omaha & Hold’em same time is tough. Lot of concentration.
Team Play, definitely do not want any distractions. It’s team chips, not yours nor mine.


@RavenL , @jedwins . Agree with that and gl to everyone & their teams this weekend in the finals!!!

But when you can try low stakes. multi formats 2 , 3 maybe even 4 MTT’s or SNG’s at the same time. For me it really helps my awareness and continuous learning.

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For me, my largest challenge combo simultaneously. would be Omaha Hi-Lo & 7 Card Reg. Because of the two way option for hand win in Hi-Lo & the fact in 7 card you don’t know when you have the bring in bet. But I should have made a triple & would throw in Holdum with the others!

To me the hardest mix is PLO and PLO8.

Hi @TeUnit , may I ask what is PLO and PLO8. Is it Omaha regular & Omaha hi-lo?


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Thank you my friend. That combo can be tough for sure, GL at the tables!!