Poll: Poker Formats

On the heels of our last poll on which betting limit takes more skill, we have a great question submitted by @Maya:

Which format on Replay Poker requires the most skill?

  • Texas Hold’em
  • Royal Hold’em
  • Omaha Hold’em
  • Omaha Hi/Lo

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Texas Hold’em is certainly the best known and most popular, but is it the most skillful? Share your thoughts below!


In my opinion Texas Hold’em requires the most skill because there is just so many things you have to think about to be successful.

You need to know about hand ranges.
You need to be able to put opponents on hand ranges.
You need to know proper bet sizing to get value from opponents.
You need to be able to recognize patterns from your opponents (betting patterns, what hands they play , etc.)

There are so many variables and Texas Hold’em is always changing when it comes to strategy and your always facing new opponents to learn and study.


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The more complex the game is, the more skill comes to the front of the line. The valuable starting hands alone give an insight into this. Omaha high-low is the most complex game here. Therefore…

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I completely agree with Aan25main, …for Texas hold’em you need all of the skills that Marc978 states…, Royal… in my opinion there’s too much luck element in it, Omaha High… well,… it’s Texas really but with double the variables… Omaha High/Low … you need all of what Marc978 said plus the skill of working with a dual hand of High scoring and Low scoring and of course… a little.luck :wink:

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Omaha high and Royal deserve more love, but the game with the Hi/Lo split has to be the most complex.

Anyone who likes Fixed Limit betting will tell you ‘less is more’, but hold’em is a close second for me.


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not sure, but i think i go with omaha hilo also, since i assume it has the most variables.

and royal the least for the same obvious reasons.


I chose Royal because while I’ve been consistently successful with H/L and Hold’em I have yet to develop my play with Royal. Stepping away a bit, I think H/L with the dual aspect is actually harder to be very successful with and hereby change my “vote” to that.

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well said


I like the real thing.

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As a long time poker affectionatto,I have always reckon the complexity of Hi-Lo to be the toughest.Whether it is Omaha,or any of the other variations of Hi-Lo, because of compounded possibilities, I find those games the tuffies. But, I’ve only been playing about 65 years,maybe with more experience i’ll change my mind.