Want to apologies

first apology goes to Lesley. she gave me a chance and I messed up. I was unaware that I was doing anything wrong and if I had known I would had stop.

second apology goes to Paul and his staff. again they gave me a chance and I messed up.

third apology goes to player named TheCloser. I am sorry I went off on you and said some things that I shouldn’t have

fourth apology goes to any player I may have offended in anyway.

I hope everyone can forgive me and I hope through the new forum I can show ReplayPoker how sorry I am
and somehow I can earn my chat back
its so hard not being able to chat with my friends or to say nh ty yw etc…

please forgive me in all my apologies

thank you


whatever you have done apology is a first step, even if your guilty. remorse deserves generousity of spirit factored in by the level of the crime :wink:

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I was unkind to a player last month and called him an idiot for which I am sorry for. I let my emotions get away from me and I am not that kind of person so I am truly sorry and it won’t happen again. Having been a poker dealer for over 13 years I have seen and heard everything and I guess when I saw that person doing something that would never be done in a real game I lost it. Again I am very sorry.

Thank you.


I do want to apology to all my friends I hurt by posting my thoughts and feeling about Replay poker All the Complaints I put in the chat box I realize they were wrong and not to be shared I also want to apology to Replay poker it was very nice of them for giving me a second chance Thank you Mr fenn for being here for me and all of us I really love and respect the players and will respect Replay poker for now on really hope all of you will for give me very sorry I ever did post any off my thoughts in Chat box sincerely sammymorgan

I want to apologize for feeding my dog later than usual. I slept late because I was ill and I hope he forgives me.

(Not making light of your apologies, it just seemed fun to post this).

Sorry you feel this way I take my post serious one not to make fun f

I am Mark’s dog. I want to apologize for lifting my leg on Mark’s Sunday shoes.

Apology accepted! Thanks Dog!

do I detect a hinder or sarcasm, lol ,

I apology for my rude language I used at some players and staff.

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I want to apologize for walking around the supermarket eating snacks and sometimes forgetting to pay for them.


Hahahahah… @Craig_Anthony a great joke.


I want to apologize to Craig Anthony with whom I was looking forward to playing a freeroll and for once at the same table! In fact, I was so excited on the first round I went All In with a pair of sevens and that was it: I ditched him! Sorry, Craig. It wasn’t you, believe me: It was me! Still blushing.


Awwww, Hi Jan. No need to apologize. I was as excited as you were to see you. Typing in the chat so fast to each other I don’t know what happened and all of a sudden you were gone.

I miss all of you Player Reps and Mods and Staff not playing together in the rounders tournaments.

We will have to make plans for a SNG table to chat.

You are so awesome to post this !!!

And I hope all of you don’t think just because I am developing my own poker site that I am going anywhere.

Here to stay

See you soon



LOL your a clown !!!

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now I get it !!! LOL

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LOL wish I was there !!!

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he sounds honest to me, just my feeling .


I am really sorry for the tournaments I entered and lost…I sincerely wish I had not entered them and on this date I make a commitment to only enter tournaments that I will win…

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Thank you all so much for such fun you provide I had a great time to day love that tourement ahain thank you for your kindness hugs sammy