Valentine Gifts

Hi everyone. As we all know, Valentines day is close approaching. Having now reminded you all of that, what is the best gift you ever received on Valentines Day and who gave it to you? My favorite gift was 2 dozen roses and not having to cook supper that night, which I received from my late husband.


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For me, That’s easy. I was 14 and hanging out at a local club near my home in Brecon, Wales the night before Valentines day. When the band was done playing, I started talking to the keyboardist. We talked for hours. The next day he showed up at my home with a dozen roses. My dad answered the door and said "Do you want her? If so, take her, she’s nutty as a fruitcake. I moved in with him that afternoon. We will have been together 60 years next month. So, I guess I got flowers and the love of a lifetime. What could be better!

I love sending my wife of almost 20 years roses at her workplace----BUT, about 17 years ago she had roses sent to my poker table at a casino:).

Hi kelvic1414. Congratulations on 60 years of being with the one you love. There are not a lot of couples that can say that. I was married for 40 years to the love of my life before he died in 2016. I wish you both many more years to come. Thank you for your response.

Hi bill8888. That is beautiful and somewhat funny. I can only imagine what your reaction was to receiving the roses at your poker table. Thank you for sharing.

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My best remembered Valentines day was in about 1990.
My wife and I took a few days off from living in Las Vegas and went to Los Angeles to play some poker at the Bicycle poker room. There was a motel just next door to the “Bike” where we booked a room for our stay. Linda got tired about one in the morning, and I walked her to the room, and I went back to play some more 5 and 10 Texas Hold’em. About an hour later I won the large part of a bad beat jackpot for a little over $12,000 dollars. After I collected my winnings, I was ready to call it a night myself. When I got back to our room, I held the $12,000 dollars (in one hundred dollar bills) up in the air and let it fall all over our bed while my wife was still sleeping. I then went to sleep myself and was awakened by a loud scream several hours later when my wife woke up on Valentines morning.
A most enjoyable memory from Valintine’s days past.