Christmas Gifts Received

I can honestly say that Christmas is at the top of my list for favorite holidays. Getting together with family, the parties with friends and the gifts. We all had that one special gift that we remember the most. Mine was when I was younger and it was a banana seat bike. I rode that bike everywhere. What is that special Christmas gift that you remember the most?


Love christmas too but bad memories also! but i think it was the best too! Mom got real sick and we had to celebrate in the hospital i was 8 years old,mom smiled always,i was just happy my mom smiled,best gift ever!!


I am sorry to hear that Kondrad. A smile is the best gift ever. Thank you for sharing.


I wanted a train set soooo bad . I thought about it for a whole year after seeing it on a TV show at the last Christmas. I didn’t tell anyone because it was a big gift to ask for. I told Santa because I thought his elves could make it.

That Christmas I received a train set !

All theses years later I never asked how it came to be.

Magical Times… and I live with that memory :christmas_tree:

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