Unable to open tables

for some reason (unknown to me) I am not able to connect to any table
even the table where i’m supposed to be playing, i was even logged out (i did not do that myself) and after i logged back in, still no luck, so I even cleared my cache, and still, no table will open for me,
does anyone know what is going on?

Hi SirG1,

Is your flash up to date? If not this could be the problem. Also try playing on a different browser I’d recommend Google Chrome if your not already using it.

If the problem continues please email Replay Poker Support at support@replaypoker.com as they will be able to assist you further.



amazing, because it all happened DURING a tournament… but after I deleted and re-installed my adobe flash, I am now again able to connect to a table
thanks for the advice


Glad to hear your back up and running! :grinning: Happy to help!


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Nice work Marc

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