Three Cheers for Handy Helpers


Feeling grateful for the people in my life who are handy helpers, ready to step in with unusual or necessary expertise that I do not have. Where would we be without these people?!

Who do you wish to pay tribute to? I’ll start. My husband kindly repaired the icemaker in our refrigerator, and no sooner was that done than he had to repair the thermostat in the oven. Where would I be without him?


No ’ on the rocks drinks ’ and cold turkey ? Joking aside, I firmly believe what goes around , comes around . I enjoy the little moments when a smile is my reward and am uplifted by the genorosity of spirit most people show to each other . That is why I am puzzled by conflict , of any kind , because in my experience I have found peoples default setting is ’ helpful ’ .


thankfull there are people like you and your family,glad to be a friend Richard