The Blinds

I have read a lot of talk back and forth about Poker blinds.
I for one couldn’t care less about them - they are a distraction.
To blind is to not see - on a Poker table it is VITAL that you see in order to play the game well.
Being on a blind, means you take more risks - you are either already in the hand or have a foot in the hand. :stuck_out_tongue: - so you tend to take a risk you wouldn’t ordinarily take,
That is a pitfall - you got blinded.
The dealer who gets to see the play around the table and uses it to SCARE the person sitting on the blind just to gather some ‘chips’ is the one to really watch because by doing that, it shows who he is and how he plays. Chips are a distraction - so is a blind.
It changes your game play…that is risky and why people fail - you never rely on luck and you certainly never allow yourself to be blinded for a chip or two…just saying. :smiley:

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