Saved by the Blind

I wonder if anyone has any tournament ‘saves’ to share.

I have had a few, but this has to be my best, given the size of the field.

I was positioned around 60th of a field of 2200 or so, with the money starting at 50, and with about 70 left in the game.

I was down to 7586 chips with blinds at 800: my BB, with six callers.

Hole cards came KK…nice, but either side of me one player had 185k the other 272k,

Mr 185k raised to 8,000, clearly trying to top me. Mr 272k called.

So I shoved, bringing the pot to 28.380 (main pot 25,940).

Board came KK8 :slight_smile:

Mr 272k folded.

Mr 185k showed…5S 4C…

That took me into the money, and I went on to finish 16th.

My best save ever was in a $10 buyin, 1100 seat MTT. The 3rd hand in, I get AA and end up getting almost all my chips in the middle vs QQ, who flops a set and leaves me with 30 chips. I went allin like 5 or 6 of the next 9 hands, against anywhere from 2 to 5 people, and won every one of them.

I eventually won the tournament, adding something like $2,300 to my bank.

I’ve never won a tournament without getting lucky at some point, but that was just ridiculous!

I was in 50k tourney 8th and 7 th in cash, I was on BB and my hand is 2 7, I got FH and back , later won tourney :slight_smile:

All very interesting. Without another save in this tourney, I would have also placed lower, or even busted out - the player to my left on SB folded when my BB…and I had zero like 9 2 or something…that was a BIG help!

How about this one.

I was dealt 3c 6c, I liked it because, well it looked nice on my screen. This was in a real money freeroll tourney at BOL.

I went to fold; accidentally hit call!

Flopped 4, 5, 7. All in beating QQ…

Went on to place 16 of 1050 :slight_smile: