Yesterday I was playing when a player became upset saying I was a sanbagger and this site is full of them.
I am no expert in Poker but I thought tricking a person was part of Poker.
Am I wrong by playing this way or is this person just mad I took all their money.
What I do is check even if I have like A,A,A.
I will even pause for a second if they bet to make them think I am unsure about my hand.
Then If I feel they will bite I will bet high on the last bet.
That is what he was mad about.


All is fair in love and poker.
Some people just can’t take it.
The old check raise is certainly in my arsenal.
If I get check raised, it’s almost a certain fold, unless I believe they’re actually trying to pull off a bluff.
I think one of the enjoyable calls are when you call someone’s check raise bluff and win the hand.


Ha, I hear ya, I’ve been asked: why don’t you bet?? Told them: you bet, I call. The longer you take to call the more they will bet next card. I love sandbagging !!!


It is part of the game and certainly a tool for players to use, along with many others. To be successful at times we have to change our strategy on the fly several times. GL at the tables everyone and play to win!!


I run into people like that now and then. They usually give that speech after they got called to the river, and then you turn the table and bet big on the river. Funniest part is they will call and then get all pissy about it. They will be upset at you hitting your draw too so unless they catch you bluffing they are bound to be sad. The goal in poker is to maximize how much you win when you win and minimize how much you lose when you lose. If someone wants to bet into a strong hand let them.

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I have developed this cool trick that works most of the time.
Let us say I am dealt a K,K and a K pops up on the first round.
If a person bets up I will pause before betting.
That Pause is the key. I never hurry and call the raise.
When the next card comes up they will test the water again and I will pause before calling the raise.
Gives them the confidence I am not confident in my hand.
Then after the last card is thrown I will check to them if I can.
Then double down if they bet against me…
Hard coming up with tricks when playing on a computer…


I don’t know where the term “sandbagging” comes into this, but all I will say is sand bags are a heck of a lot useful when it comes to stopping floodwater and small arms fire!

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Act strong when you are weak; act weak when you are strong. It’s poker. GL

I would take it as a compliment from a player who got played. Well done you!

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BF, that is a shame he is mad about that. We all have used both strategies of laying traps and being aggressive early. And we have all gone through many bad beats. As long as we mix it up, based on players, position, hand, etc., we’ll do OK.

No, you are not wrong. That is part of the game, fooling the other player, making the other player think you have a weak hand when you actually have a very strong hand or even making the other player think you have a strong hand when you actually have a weak one. People often get upset at me when I check/raise them, as if there’s some rule that if you check, you can’t raise if someone bets. Of course you can. Poker has been around for 200 years, not because it is a simple game, but because it’s full of nuances like the ability to read other players. Yes, this can be done to a limited extent even in online poker when you begin to see another player’s betting pattern and take advantage of it. Can a good player trick you when you try to read a pattern? Yes, and that too is part of the game. Fooling the other player is an important part of this wonderful game called poker.

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Calling someone a sandbagger is a method used by players to try to control what you do as a player, so they can read you, they are trying to force you to play the way they want you to play. that way they can limit their losses to you, Mix up your play, keep them guessing! the trap is a very effective way to maximize your winnings, in Omaha split it is almost a necessity, especial if you have a low hand, you may only get a 1/4 of the pot, if there is less that 4 players in the pot in that situation you lose chips, at 4 you break even 5 you make chips.
In Holdem; if I flop a set, I am sure to check, unless the board reads a danger to my set, like 3 consecutive cards or a flush draw, then I will push in hopes of eliminating the possible draws that may make a hand.

I don’t know if it’s a form of sandbagging,but I get annoyed when players run out the clock every hand. It’s almost like they hope their cards get better,LOL

I believe that is the point, getting you annoyed so you play poorly.

isn’t sandbagging just another term for slow playing a hand?

I have always considered sandbagging as, one who feels they have the nuts and wants to build the pot for the win. GL everyone at the tables and utilize all of the tools available in the Great game.

Well, I can sum that up in two words, “That’s Poker”. I stopped playing at a local casino because of two things. One was, the house let a new player pick up his cards from the discard pile and play the hand to win when he misread his cards. Then, similar to your experience, I played cards with one of their new dealers one night and bluffed him out of a large pot. The next time I came to play poker, he was the dealer at the table I was at and the first words out of his mouth were, NO BLUFFING. That was the end of that casino for me. So, in the end, there will always be somone who snivvels about loosing when they have been fooled. It is as much a part of poker as anything else. Play on bro, screw the snivelers.

I have always thought that the rule is “The cards speak for themselves” Example > When you show your hand and say 2pair K’s & 3’s but actually didn’t see the third 3 giving you a full house. It really doesn’t matter what you say …it’s what the cards say.

What do you think ?

Of course the dealer calls the hand … Also you can not say full house , flush . straight , or whatever if you do not have it to get the other player to fold !

Correct poker is a game of deception ! I play live for the last 20 + years