Playing tournaments the Snyder way

On rereading Snyder, one of the leaks in my game that I had identified was that on final tables I was too passive and allowing other players to knock each other out (and thus merging their stacks and making them bigger) while I remained aloof above the fray, trying to get closer to the money without playing.

Snyder said you should try to knock people out with any 2 cards if they cannot really harm your stack, so I gave it a shot on a final table tonight. Pretty good results.

6 players left, but only 3 get paid.

5 players left and another bites the dust.

4 players left, knock one out and we are in the money. My quad Tens should do the trick.

2 other players left to finish off and opponent cannot answer my pair of 3s.

One more player left and he goes for the straight…

… and misses.

And the beauty of it was that there was no interminable struggle on the bubble. The whole 9-man final table was over in minutes. And they say that RP is rigged.

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I didn’t understand.
Why should RP be rigged?

I think he was just teasing. It’s a common complaint, but not one people are likely to make when they are running good, or just playing good and having good results.

Yes, that is it. I have read a number of review of RP, not on this site, which say things like the site is a set up so as to get people to buy chips, making them lose them, then making them buy more chips. This always seems ridiculous to me, because if you want to learn to play poker, you can get free chips and develop your game so that you can win at higher and higher levels until you get to the point where you stop winning unless you up your game. If you buy a million chips and go straight in and pay 1 million chips to play against players who have earned 100 million chips by winning them by winning scores of MTT tournaments, then OF COURSE you will lose all your chips. If you really want to buy chips, you can buy a million chips and play for a lifetime on those chips if you stick to an appropriate level for your skill. That is why you know that the people who write the reviews claiming that RP is all fixed are so ludicrously lacking in insight that it is no surprise that they can’t win at poker.


I’d like to read those reviews. Can you post a link please of those sites where you are reading the reviews of Replay Poker?.

Thank you. Just as I thought, scorned losers….

Oh, absolutely! But you wonder how many people who Googled RP they might have influenced?

On the other hand some of them may just be trolls, seeking to get Google hits, and then redirect you to another gambling web page.

Certainly there seems to be some correlation between being a loser on RP and not being able to spell properly. Probably if you have dyslexia and attention deficit disorder, it will affect your play money poker results.

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Well said :+1:t2:

wp sir