Patience Builds Value - How to Play the Pocket Pair

Here’s a textbook way to play the big pocket pair. The patience here is the key. Just super high level and not what you typically see. The real learning point is to let the opponent hit her Jack (or whatever card) that gets some value in the pot so the AA is not wasted like so many younger players sometimes do. This takes enormous discipline but can be done with enough experience. Been there done that!

You slow played yet again!! Nothing to see here…

it would’ve been funny if player had Q,K spades

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Far from textbook. 4 aces and only won 100 chips. Slow play cost you big time.

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How thin the air must be at such a “super high level.” (Actually, that would explain a lot about these posts)

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Congrat on ur 4 aces…ur contribution belongs in the category “joke of the day” surely u only made one mistake…no, seriously…high art, there can be no question of that. but hey…u gave us a nice chat and that’s what the community is all about…done everything right

Jonathan Little actually just had a YouTube piece on how to play pocket aces, and I think he had 3 main points:

  • Generally don’t slow play, especially pre-flop. He provided a few exceptions to this in low SPR spots, where you limp with AA and KK to protect the rest of your limping range (and can still get stacks in easily post flop).
  • Don’t over value a marginal made hand. Deep stacked on a really wet board, or against multiple opponents, you generally don’t want a huge pot.
  • Don’t miss chances for thin value.
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There’s a video on Youtube, that I can’t find, where Negraneau is at a table where a guy had Quad aces and didn’t get much in the pot. Negraneau asked him, “Is that your hand?” The guy smiles proudly, to which Negraneau asked him, “Where are all the chips?”


Ahhh… only the crystal ball tells whether she calls a bet post flop or post turn there. Way the hand played out best evidence is that a bet induces a fold. So as for slow playing costing value . . . pure speculation with no evidence. Hand played textbook - got all there was to get and that’s the best measure of how it was played. Yup - ya know it. I know it! Be good there son!

And yet the pros who make millions playing poker would disagree with you. Just curious though, what color is the sky in your world? Generally young boys your age are more interested in girls than poker, and since it’s Saturday morning, shouldn’t you be watching cartoons?

Ahh yes we have a brief discussion of poker and then the insults? Sad. Not about pros and other hands. In this hand, in this hand, this hand, most value extracted by the checking. Best evidence is a bet would h ave induced a fold. This hand. Not other hands. Not millions of other hands, on other days, with other players. This hand. Most value. No doubt. Discuss the poker and stop the insults. LOL

I’d say calling someone “son” is insulting, as are a great deal of your posts. So, don’t call out others for insults if you can’t handle them. And, considering you have no clue what your opponent had initially, you didn’t play the hand well.

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You probably got the most chips possible in this hand. Unfortunately for you was the flop and turn because your opponent would’ve folded to any large raise.

It’s always nice to hit a set (of Aces) on the flop.

I noticed this hand was from 10/20/20, you waited a long time to bring this up for comments.

Agreed smooth. Great analysis. Yeah it’s a dated one but teachable moments never really get old and thought there was some lessons in there. Also, it’s good to analyze a hand long after you played it. Get a fresh perspective. Even with all I’ve been able to accomplish, it’s good to take a fresh look at my own game to be sure the process is pure!