No limit holdem in higher stakes

It would be great if we had NL omaha and NL heads up (one on one) tables at the higher stakes lobbys. Especially in medium stakes. Omaha and heads up is fixed limit orot limit. I think alot of ppl would like this. Cuz not many ppl play omaha at higher stakes because of this. U can keep fixed limit just add a no limit omaha tbl in higher stakes tbls.

Hi Ziggy.

Before we had more Omaha tables in medium and in high stake, also a few Omaha NL tables. A while ago we put a few tables which never used on non active.

At the midium and high stake tables they play most of the time NL Holdem. The Omaha tables were nearly never used (PL not and NL Omaha not)

When ReplayPoker add a filter it is possible to add more tables in the lobby.

But if there are more votes for the NL Omaha tables we can bring them back.

We have also made ​​the decision to keep the heads-up tables FL Holdem only. But you can play the Sit & Go heads-up too, they are NL Holdem. You find them on the Sit & Go page.

Greetings Happiness.