Pot Limit vs No Limit Omaha

Curious about something… I never see any activity in the Pot Limit Omaha games. Only the NL rooms seem to attract players. I wonder why that is – because it’s my understanding that Omaha (and its variations) is usually played in some kind of limit format (all the home/underground and casino Omaha games in my area are either FL or PL). As it is, the pots in PL get big enough :fearful: so playing it NL can get really out of hand LOL.

I’d also be interested to hear from any serious Omaha players here on RP on this.


Uncle (not my real name) Frank

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I prefer No-Limit games, and do enjoy NL Omaha HiLo …
Plus there are a few spectacular Bingos that happen …
Playing PLO is well … playing PLO …

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Greetings Uncle,
I believe the majority of it comes from the value of the chips. Most real money players ascribe to the preservation of their bankroll. Then it’s to win. In free poker it’s usually an afterthought. So the action is free and not any limits and that’s draws the fun players and their anticipation to get some action. Those players see pot limit as a governor on their adrenaline fixes. Bottom line it’s all fun. But if you’re wanting to win chips they are the easiest day after day. The winning part, the hand itself is what feeds the need. If one of these guys lights on your table, real or fun, try not licking those chops and making them feel like a Thanksgiving Turkey…:sunglasses:

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I like pot limit games . In no limit games there are beginners who go all in every hand. That is not poker. They eventually get taken out, but they take away the fun and the real poker in the game.

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I am new here, but mutch to my dismay, I too have noticed that there is no PLO action. That is rather disappointing as PLO is my best game by far. I have played NLO cash games before and I really disliked them. It takes away the strategy of Omaha and becomes a shove fest. I’d think that effect would be magnified in a play chip environment.

With that said, I think I’ll try out the one NLO game I see running once I acquire some more chips down here in the baby stakes games.

Hey Beer,

Since starting this thread I’ve been playing pretty regularly at the NLO games by default as opposed to by choice (per what I said above). Nevertheless I stick to a PLO betting strategy – I never bet more than the pot on any street unless there’s some all-in monkey swinging from the trees. And I’ve noticed that the better players here are taking this same approach: maximum bet = pot. So if you do the same you can actually play a PL game in the NL rooms most of the time.

And since you’re trying to build a bankroll, you can use the NL aspect to take advantage of the bingo players and build up your stockpile of chips: just continue to play your “A” game by sticking to premium hand selection and get it in good when the opportunity presents itself.

I wish this thread had a bit more interest.

I was about to post a new thread trying to drum up some interest in Pot Limit Omaha High Only.

UncleFrank I’ve played quite a bit of Omaha in the real world and I have NEVER been in a casino that spreads a No Limit Omaha game of any kind. While fads come and go for different areas, in my local casinos the Pot Limit Omaha High Only attracts the most loose aggressive players we have and is often by far the biggest action game. The low stakes limit hi lo games attract a passive older crowd and their preflop hand selection is similar to the games here on replay.

I hope you enjoy trying to beat the Omaha games on replay. Unfortunately I don’t think much of them and hi/lo games in general call for very selective starting hands making the games kind of boring to me. If you want to talk more Omaha I’d be happy to. I do want to recommend you look up the authors Bob Ciaffone and Stewart Reuben for good info on Omaha poker.

If you see me on here, I’ll try to get a pot limit game going with you any time.

Hi VS,

It was great to read your reply.

I’ve made the same observations about casino play where I’m located, though I must say I enjoy playing limit Big-O because there’s money to be made there. Yes, it’s necessary to grind it out for the very reason you mentioned (hand selection) but the regulars at the casino I visit most often are quite a colorful bunch and fun to play with. It certainly helps pass the time.

I don’t have a problem with the Omaha games here on Replay because I just use them to test my skill at playable vs folding hand selection (I’m prone to gamble sometimes with hands like KKK9 and I’m trying to wean myself off of that habit). And I bide the time grinding by playing at least two tables at once.

The only real problems I have with playing here on RP has to do with those players who make ridiculous pre-flop bets or the serial all-inners. But to be fair, the game is set up to be no-limit, and no one ever seems to join the NL or FL tables, so it is what it is. It’s not their fault. On the other hand, there are plenty of players here who bet at the NL tables as though the game were PL, and that’s gratifying to see.

The other problem is based on my long-standing observation of how cards dealt to both the board and the player don’t reflect the kind of variety nor the streaks that I see in real life. But I won’t fan the flames of that dispute here. Ultimately, the game is free and I use it just to practice.

For sure, I’ll look out for you and see if we can’t get a PL game going.

Thanks also for the suggestions for reading. Currently I’m slogging through the Hwang book.


Uncle Frank