Knowing what a kicker is

To all new players and MANY old ones, if you have the top pair after the flop:) but have a small kicker you should stop going all in as there is 4 of every card and YOU have kicker problems:).


You got more problems than that if you only have that after the flop.


Poker 101

Back to basics

My thought is in baseball, they practice the fundamentals of the game everyday.

They know it’s very important to get it right!

The range of playable hands, basically, is important to get right if one is taking the game seriously.

Some players here, that we encounter, aren’t that serious which is OK too.

Makes a new meaning of Ernie Banks old saying, " Let’s play A2 "

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Poker 101
Be aware of your position
Don’t play sh!tty hands. Including every hand that has an Ax, Kx, etc. as so many here at Replay often do.
AA as hole cards aren’t always the best hand when there are 4 suited cards on the board and none of your aces are of that suit. Same goes when you can see a possibility of a straight and someone makes a large bet.
Large raises on the turn are often the nuts. Large raises on the river are usually the nuts.
Learn to fold.
Learn to not tilt.
Pay attention to your opponents style of play.
Be patient and have the discipline to be patient.


Yep, SO many players play their A-anything until the end, these players help us get more chips. 2:).

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Only if you decide to play to the end, if not you lose your chips.

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