Intentionally bleeding chips

Today I found myself a chip leader with a “calling station” on my right one seat removed (strange place for him to repeatedly call me no matter what I bet). I was catching cards on the deal and flop but he kept sucking out. I changed gears, he kept calling and sucking out. More than once I was able to out play him and keep my stack. But he kept calling and calling…

On his left was a good player I’d tangled with before and gotten a good read on. I decided to start betting, in key spots, in such a way as to entice both of them to call or raise (sometimes I’d play the hand, other times I’d just fold and get out of the way) and began pitting them against each other. Eventually the calling station didn’t make his umpteenth river suck-out and was gone. Granted, I had to burn a lot of chips and give them to a player I’d rather not (as if any player likes giving up chips) have, but I was able to get the bingo artist off the table. I have only ever had to do this on RP and this wasn’t the first time.

It is nice developing yet another skill, betting to lose…

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From what you are saying, it sounds like this was a tournament and not a “cash” game. If that is the case, as chip leader, it is better to stay out of pots with all but the strongest hands and let the other players destroy each other.

However in the final stages of of tournament with just three or four players left, if I have a big stack, I have at times found it useful to limp from early position as a way of sucking the SB into a pot against the BB which may lead to one or the other getting eliminated after I fold my garbage that is missed by the flop.