How to start playing poker?

I am new and need help, my name is benito3636 if someone wants to add me and help me, if not then its fine :slight_smile:


Go to youtube and look up Blackrain79 beginning poker. Those videos will help you immensely. My advice is:

  1. Play very tight
  2. Be aggressive when you play a hand
  3. Don’t play crummy cards
  4. Be very aware of your position at the table
  5. Learn to read the board texture
  6. Pay attention to your opponents betting patterns, because their bet sizes often vary according to the strength of cards they hold.
  7. Be patient
  8. Winning poker is boring poker

Good luck


In contrast to MinnowShark’s advice, I would suggest almost the exact opposite to a complete beginner playing on a free site.

Play a lot of hands and make a lot of mistakes. Bluff a lot, call light a lot, do things that will make you cringe when you reflect on them years later. Every mistake you learn from becomes a brick in a foundation of poker knowledge you’ll develop over years and decades of playing.

Playing tight and scared by waiting for exclusively strong hands will only take you to a certain level of poker success. It’s actually an easy wait to play profitably at most low stakes real money tables and especially on Replay. But when you’re learning you want to experience as many scenarios as you can put yourself into to help your growth.

When you do something wrong, think about it and ask yourself honestly what you did wrong. Get help from your friends, or you can also post your hands here and get a plethora of opinions on what you did right or wrong.

Just please do not mistake success here as something that will translate to real money success. Please don’t win on Replay then move to cash games believing you have an edge.

But there are some basics I would suggest you learn

  1. Understanding Pot Odds and Expected Value (EV). The math of poker can take a while to learn, but you should still make an effort to understand these concepts before you start playing. If there is $100 in the pot, and you’re faced with a bet of $50 and you believe there is a 50% chance you’ll win the pot, should you call or fold? You need to learn how to think about every decision viewed through an analysis of risk vs. reward and how to decide if a situation is profitable.

  2. Before you place a bet ask yourself “Why am I betting?” The answer should either “I’m value betting” or “I’m bluffing.” If you’re value betting it means you want to be called, in which you case you need to think about a worse hand your opponent can hold that will accept the offered price and call. Conversely, if you’re bluffing you need to think about a better hand your opponent can have that will fold for the offered price.

  3. Bankroll management. Don’t play at a ring game unless you have 20x the maximum buy in. Don’t play a tournament unless you have at least 50x the cost to buy in. This isn’t as relevant if you’re just starting on Replay low stakes because you can just top up your bank account for free and rejoin, but it’s something to keep in mind as you move up in the stakes.

@Yorunoame has also created a number of excellent posts that contain some good advice to learn from.

Anyway good luck and I hope to see you at the tables


Watch, learn, read. Then start at freerolls here. Jump in and get your feet wet. You will learn quickly grasshopper.


@benito3636 as the shark mentioned, get used to boring Poker to be a winner in the game. Consider yourself added to friend list and any help needed, let me know. I do suggest you sign in for daily bonus every day and play any and all of the free rolls you can. Also remember the main goal should be to increase your bankroll my friend!!

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Sign in everyday for chips, regardless if you don’t play that day. Also do the freerolls and enjoy the games. Replay is actually` a good site.


New member freerolls are great tournaments to get your feet wet with no pressure or risk. High payout percentage and field is limited to new members can only play your first 45 days after you sign up (Which doesn’t necessarily mean they are new to poker). I can’t tell you how much I learned playing in those tournaments with @razylee

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First of all welcome to the site.

As others have said, log in daily to collect your Bonus chips, they build up fast once you get 2500 per day.

Try some 1/2 stakes Ring games, Duck Pond tables for example, No Limit Hold’em is the standard game if you are new to poker. It’s a good way to get a feel for the site and how the tables work.

Reading the board and knowing which combinations you are likely to hit is key. There are a lot of ways to play the game, different styles work for different players, play however you feel most comfortable. The table will show you what type of hand you have at each street/stage of the hand being played, but the more you play, the more you will start to recognise and see ahead which card/s you need to hit to make something.

Then as others also suggested, Freeroll tournaments are a good way to gain experience once you’ve played some hands and are fairly comfortable with the game. Freerolls cost nothing to register, and if you’re lucky/successful enough to finish in the paying positions, then it’s a bonus.


The play money are good as a start…


I’m surprised no one has mentioned since you’re a “beginner poker player” that you really need to know the winning hand rankings and their probabilities of them occurring.

You should be able to easily find this on the internet.

Good luck and just have fun.

Sounds like TLDR of Dan Harrington’s books

What is TLDR?


Acronym for “too long didn’t read”

This is the first step. Winning hands.

Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four-of-a-Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three-of-a-Kind, Two Pair, One Pair, High Card

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But, he also needs to know the probabilities of hitting and/or filling each of them.

I agree but baby steps to start. Don’t want to overwhelm the new player.

OP is not specific about what game they are interested in learning or taking advise on, although it will open up a lot of good advice for general poker play, some responses may be confusing to new players.
This link will help them chose a game or games, learn about it, then ask more specific questions.
Playing Poker – Replay Poker

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When he first posted he was playing 1/2 no limit holdem.

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I’d suggest starting out on low end or free tourney’s, perhaps that’s because I prefer tourney’s.
I always felt you can go thru/or gain a whole lot more chips in a much bigger hurry playing at the ring.
Playing MTT’s you can probably gain more experience with what chips you have.
Learning more of the ins and outs comes with experience, which the more you can get, the better.