Tips For Beginning Texas Hold'em Players!

Hi Everyone!

I’ve decided to create this post to share some tips for beginning Texas Hold’em poker players! I hope beginning players find this post helpful!

1) Learn Hand Strengths And Rules! This is probably the most Important tip of this post. If you don’t know what the hand strengths and rules to Texas Hold’em are it will be very difficult to win hands playing Texas Hold’em. You need to learn and understand what the hand strengths are, what the blinds are, what the ante is and what the button is. A helpful guide to Texas Hold’em can be found on the Replay Poker Help Center that can be found here:

Here is a chart of examples of hand strengths in Texas Hold’em:

2). Practice! After learning the hand strengths for Texas Hold’em it’s Important to practice. If possible I recommend simulating hands before playing against live players. Using a program called Equilab to simulate hand strengths can be a helpful tool to simulate your hand equity against computer hands as practice. It’s important to understand your hand values before playing against real life players.

3) Watch Poker Videos! Watching videos of live hands and tournaments can be very helpful to understand the basics, hand strengths and terminology of Texas Hold’em poker.

4) Set a Bankroll Budget:: Even here on Replay I like treating my chips like real money. Whenever I decide to have a Poker session I decide how many chips I want to spend on ring games and tournament buy ins. This is a great poker practice if you plan on playing for real money down the road. Replay also offers Freeroll tournaments open to all players which can be very helpful for players with a low bankroll or no bankroll at all. I recommend playing in Freerolls if your a new player as there is no risk to chips in your account. This is a great opportunity to learn tournament and general poker strategy as well as make new friends on Replay Poker.

5) Review Your Hands: After playing against live opponents on Replay or in real life be sure to review the hands you’ve played when possible. It is very Important to identity holes and weaknesses in your game. Identifying these weaknesses will help stop any potential slumps and help you make adjustments to Improve your game.

I hope these tips are helpful for new beginning Texas Hold’em players! If you have any tips for beginners feel more then welcome to share them!



Where were you when I first arrived?! lol Very nice, Marc.

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  1. Don’t play crappy hands
  2. Really, Really don’t play crappy hands out of position (A few people left, to bet)
  3. Seriously, folks, it’s ok to fold, once in a while.

Only two things to do to guarantee you win big pots and make friends.

  1. Buy 3,000,000 chips
  2. Call all-in EVERY hand.

You may have to add chips occasionally and change tables to find even more friends. good luck!!!

  1. Don’t buy chips. Use the free one’s Replay gives you daily. If you are unable to build your bank using other peoples chips you should not spend real money on chips that have no value outside the game.

From an 11 time tourney champ and someone with a tourney ROI of 520% here are 5 tips to improve your game:

  1. Be confident - don’t listen to the naysayers. You have to be confident in yourself and your game to be sucessful at the table. If you don’t have faith then your strategy won’t work even if it’s a good strategy because you won’t follow through with it if you don’t believe in it and yourself.

  2. Limp less, raise more with a tighter range - you’ll win more often and bigger pots because you have a range advantage over opponents playing any two cards.

  3. Early in a tourney you can play more speculative hands like small pocket pairs and suited connectors but cut those out later in the tourney because you won’t be getting implied odds.

  4. Study the table and react accordingly.

  5. Don’t stone cold bluff calling stations - never bluff a calling station if you don’t have a good number of outs. Semi-bluffs are profitable though if you price yourself in with a decent draw.

  1. Be humble!! :thinking:

You have to love the game win or lose! It is a magic game! Follow your heart!!!


Be patient,take notes,have fun!! Not fun stop and come back next day! Dont bingo,can be lucky but lose in the end! Decied what you want to do with your game! You lose more than you win,just to win the right one! I am not the best,but won big and lose all too,you learn winning and losing but as the words befor me! Make a goel,see the pot,is it wize to pay or not with your cards,bluff works one time mayby not next so never all in in the start,feel the tabel,pot,the others! Hard to do this,so many elements! I have much to learn my self! Play the game,love the game! Lose,win,feel it,the magic! Never see the cash see the game! You are the winner just playing!

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