How to deal with bad streaks

Hello friends, I would like to give a couple of tips on how to deal with a bad streak, I have noticed some mistakes that some people make, such as:

Play at higher levels to get the money back.
Play tired.
Play angry.
When you are not mentally well you should not play poker, take a break from poker, and you should always play within your bankroll, at least with 1% of your bankroll.

What other things could we do when we are in a bad streak?

Take some time away from poker and focus on your inner self.

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Hi @je_amm ,

In my opinion, the best way is never go on tilt and play at higher levels to get the money back because often times due to variance and lack of bankroll mangement (BRM) a.k.a the number of bullets required to win in the long term. Usually, it doesn’t end up well.

One will have to take a break first, and reset him/herself. Go back at a lower level and slowly grind back up to the normal stakes whenever Bankroll management allows.


I believe,

  • First you must admit you are in a bad streak as soon as possible which can be awhile
  • Then ask yourself why and did you create the problem and don’t blame anyone for the problem. This may take a few days to discover what you have been doing wrong.
  • Then apply the changes needed in your play style & strategies.
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Here it is pretty easy.

  • Take a break, you only lost some free chips, if it’s clear it’s not your night, clear your head and come back tomorrow. Bad streaks tend to get compounded by frustrated play, if you are doing that stop.

  • Play a different game. Shifting gears and playing Omaha or stud hi-lo helps hit the reset button, when you are locked into a bad mindset. Both games empasize different skills and improve your hold em game as well.

  • Join a league. In a really good league, you not only get to see good players in action (and help you figure out what you are doing wrong,) but it really does wonders for your confidence which is the key to breaking a bad streak. I highly recommend the Nordic Warriors league. Great group of players (skillwize and characterwise) and a mix of games one Omaha Hi-lo and two No Limit hold ems each week.

  • Try team poker. Team poker leagues are some of the best ways to have fun and improve your mindset. Working with your teammates instead of the normal you vs every one else, definitely changes your mindset and breaks you out of a funk and I’d say it improves your board reading and situational poker skills. Highly Recommend the Dream Weavers League.


Go do some volunteer work, come back and have fun. You’ll feel better about your losses. Might even turn your luck around.

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Watch a WPT final table, while playing an invested Replay MTT tourney of 100k or greater