How many names can a player have .?

If this was a real poker site there would be no chance for others to have more names unless they paid for those name .And even then they could pay ,they would and could , not be the sitting party . So if this is the case here can you guys please revoke that practise . ?

Multiple Accounts & Sharing

Two simple rules:

  • You may only have one Replay Poker account.
  • No sharing of accounts – You, and only you, are allowed to use your Replay Poker account.

When additional accounts are found action is taken.


Welcome to the forums Ponch!

Hi ponch1960,I see your questions have been answered but wanted to welcome you to the replay community …Doll :slight_smile:

I don’t know about this one name thing. I get called many names all the time.



Agreed - I have a lot of nicknames on here, and that is just from friends who know and like me. Then there are the other names…I usually just laugh. When the names get really bad, you know the person calling you names is tilting hard.:wink:


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