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Why only one name change allowed? It’s a fun site, let people’s creative side come out.

I disagree, when you play games you get know who the players are by username, without having to spend time making notes. If you was playing a live game and you get to know players and how they play it would be like saying have plastic surgery :slight_smile: just my view - Also would impact the great community :slight_smile:

Tiggsxxx previously known as TiggyTime


I did consider that, but it would be easy to design the program to retain the notes on the account, despite the name change. So for instance, if you took notes on a person, when you went to reference them during a game, they would still be available to you no matter how many times the notated player changes their name. You would simply see your notations under the new name, because they would be attached to their account, not the username itself.

As far as impacting a great community, not every person sees this as one big happy family as you do. If you enjoy it that way, good for you. But don’t limit others who do not want to be involved the same way you do… just my view. LIve and let live.

Funny that someone who has already changed their name once (had “plastic surgery”) would be one to disagree with this. A bit hypocritical, don’t ya thinik?!?! LOL

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I agree with Tiggy. Seeing old friends at a table and saying “hi, how are you” is part of the Replay experience. Anyone wanting to be creative can change their avatar as many times as they wish and even make people smile at their choice.

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HIya why would I take notes if i don’t have to, for example @thumbs was at my table and have not played with them for a long time. I would not make a note and say this player is called thumbs and then when they was at my table try and work it out - that makes no sense at all. It was lovely to see this player after some time and instantly say hello to them

I don’t want to waste my time making pointless notes - but hey just my way and live and let love …

Online poker sites don’t let you change your username every day - maybe think of solutions that could do both… for example you could ask replay to add for consideration adding a nickname for future development that you can change.

Replay as you said is a fun site and everyone’s definition of fun is different - your fun is the need to change your name my fun is to enjoy the games with my poker friends… Others will have other ideas of what makes it fun

Ok if you do not want to be part of a nice community, and your choice - but also don’t change what others like and limit that!! as that is hypercritical

Regarding my change of my username was my choice for a reason that you would not even care about…

Good luck at the tables

Tiggs xxx

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Yep, I agree… for those that want to use the site that way. But remember, of the millions of users you have, not EVERYONE wants to live in a utopian world where EVERYONE is friends. Some use the site differently, and should be given the freedom to do so as such. Why you want to limit and control how each individual decides the manner in which they want to participate is beyond me. Sounds like a liberal thing.

This thread has convinced me to unofficially change my name.

From now on, you may call me Shirley.



“dont change what others like and limit that”

Wow, way to completely miss the point. If you and your online friends don’t want to change your name so you can recognize each other and socialize, then don’t, lol

But why you would care what I (or others who want to), choose to do, goes beyond me. Sounds like a control thing.

Surely you don’t think I am serious, do you?

Yes I do, and please don’t call me Shirley


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it was just a suggestion because I think usernames (especially in conjunction with avatars) can be funny, especially when taken from pop culture such as movies, television shows, the music entertainment industry, etc

If this thread has reminded me of one thing, it is that you can’t argue with the twitter mob. They will come at you with torches if you try to “ruin” their world :rofl:

no worries, all the best at the tables, take care



Hahahahahaha :joy:

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