How can player's prepare/practice for the final table experience?

Once again u were asked politely to not Troll Poker related topics and once again u gave Bad Advice Did u even read the question? The question assumes the player has made the final table and wants to know how to “prepare/practice” for that experience once they are there. SMH

This little Gem of an Mtt is a good one that I play once in awhile b/c it gives the “down to a few” experience. Good pick @Litenin :slight_smile:


Amen & ty, I encourage everyone to try this tourney The Burn Out. It is a four seat MTT at 11:00 pm est. at least 2 times, and feel the final table even before you get to it !! The experience will help when you to reach the final table in any tournament.

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This following advice is geared toward the casual player.

Prepare yourself mentally as the final table approaches.

Like shifting gears of a car and realize to reset the timeframe of how long a tournament will last.

Approach it as a beginning of another tournament the final nine.

The same thought applies head-to-head since they tend to go on for some time.

As a golfer places a ball on a tee then steps back for a better look at what’s ahead of him

A poker player reaching the final table should take some time also to see who, at the table, is patient or

not so patient, chip stacks play a big part in that obviously.

You could also use visualization.

Picturing yourself at the final table succeeding can build your confidence when you actually get there.

You can visualize being patient with a big stack or visualize being more aggressive knowing most will

be patient.

Take advantage of what they give you as your opponent’s settle in at the table.

Again, this advice is geared toward the casual player.

One final thought is you can prepare by observing a final table on Replay or a video of the best current



A poker player reaching the final table should take some time also to see who, at the table, is patient or

not so patient, chip stacks play a big part in that obviously.

At time’s at the beginning of the final table, I may even limp a bit just to get to know my opponents if I don’t know them already. If I dont know their play style, it may very difficult to win the game


You have to be aggressive at the final table. This is where the art of bluffing is crucial also to taking out of players and increasing your odds of winning.

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@Craig_Anthony , agree and exactly why I said I MAY even limp a bit. That all depends on the situation at the time. My stack, bet position, and cards dealt. I’m not going to be aggressive and try a bluff with 2-7 O, LOL

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No don’t limp at the final table. I said be aggressive. Even if you 72O, either fold or this is where the art of bluffing comes in. Depends if you’re feeling lucky if you play them.

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I think one of the hard things to prepare for is just how fast the blinds and antes are going up and the impact on your effective stack size. 10,000 chips feels like a good amount but when the blinds jump from 1000/500 to 2000/1000 your effective stack is cut in half (10BB to 5 BB). Throw in the fact that you are trying to play carefully since every spot is a pay jump, it is very temping to play uber tight, but all that does is dig you a hole. If you ever play a super turbo tournament, that can help you experience and prepare for this phenomena.


That does get the adrenalin flowing, if your goal is to win. Absolutely have to be aggressive, keeping in mind cards dealt to you and your chance to win each hand until you win. Thank you my friend for the great advice and especially for helping our new members!!

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That was my point, I’m folding my 72 O and observing lol

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My point in my post was BE aggressive with your 72o. It’s the final table. I noticed you limp a lot at my tables to make the money cut

I agree with you Litenin.

Pick your spots to be aggressive at the final table, certainly not with the absolute worst starting hand


I like that you used the word “observing”

Probably the most important thing you can do at the final table!

Certainly helps your odds picking the right spot to be aggressive.

72o is, no doubt, not the right spot to be aggressive at the final table!

If you did play 72o at the final table, you’d get a few questionable looks!


My point in my post is to say to @Craig_Anthony to Stop Trolling Poker related subjects, b/c once again you DO Not Play and really have No Clue what you are talking about. @Pageaux Enough is Enough

Interesting that you Do Not Play yet you criticize @Litenin play on tables that you could not be at? Really messed up :frowning:

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@Goatsoup , stop trolling me once again.
@Litenin already acknowledged that he does this in another thread when he is at my table.

Stay classy

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: No he Didn’t @Craig_Anthony u have played 12 MTTs in last 2 years. You aren’t doing yourself any help here

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When it’s final table time, and the opposition wants too try and limp in like there whole game to get there, you already have them, the chances of them having a good hand when you have one is much less, final table is not the time to be clever, you have proved this by getting to the final table :)_ get the chips in with a good hand, doesn’t have to be perfect, fine margins, for the stud players, balls to the wall, all I can say on the matter


Very Sad @Craig_Anthony , for criticizing any fellow Replay player and spreading Lies about fellow players. You are setting a Great example of who not to listen to for help and advice.

And how do your comments on this thread have anything to do with the original subject matter?

How can player’s prepare/practice for the final table experience?

I suggest you learn to be Classy and please provide comments related to the subject in the future.

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Been in a poker drought for a bit so thought maybe I should try a different platform, and remembered the Burn out. Been along time since I played the Burn Out, but it worked today and built my confidence level up a bit to even reach the final table.

Finished well into the $$ and recommend all to try:)


When you click on lobby, you get various choices of kinds of games to play.

You have Multi Player Tournaments that have around 100 players to start the game with. This will give you practice of trying to get down to the final table which will have 9 players.

Next to that, as a different starting choice, you can click on “Sit and Go Tournaments” that have a lot of tables that start with only 9 players. This is really close to having practice playing at a final table. It is not the same for various reasons, but it does give you practice playing with just 9 players.

In reality, you can only get true experience playing at a final 9 handed table, by playing a multi-player tournament with around 100 players, and get good enough to consistently get to the final table.

Put in the hours and pay your dues like the rest of us did.

Good luck.

David - (AKA - aceto5)