How can player's prepare/practice for the final table experience?

I’m very curious to all, especially our new Replay members has this thread helped you to improve your game and Bankroll ?

New players should read all they can about poker, utube videos, play freerolls and SnGs are about as close as your going to get to a final table. Of course experience is the best teacher so practice with little or no investment and use bankroll management.

Best of luck

Did u change ur mind or just had to post again :rofl:

Hiya, great thread… Eveyone is different and trust me my bank roll is so up and down it even makes me dizzy. But when I am in the zone and I am preparing for a big one like the RPOS… and also when I need to have a great game win or loose: Then the 100K 9 seater sit and go is one of the best games. I often see them go to the break so after 1 hour still playing and a great game…

Not sure if is still in the lobby but I also used to love the 4 seater on cloud nine MTT - I learned a lot from that one

If there are only 2 tables left in an MTT open up the other table and see how the others are playing, if you get to the final table you have some insights how they are betting

And if all else fails, do what I do say please fold , please fold and close your eyes if you are called

Good luck at the tables, and always have fun :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if that MTT is available either, haven’t see in, but I love to play the 4 seat Burn Out MTT. Great practice, I think for the final table and barely have time to breath lol

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I had an idea that could be practice for the final table experience, Replay would have to set it up.

The idea is to have 9 seat SNG’s whereas the players start with 15k chips, while the BB’s start at 600.
That would be more like a final table experience than anywhere else, least I think.
Just an idea that came to mind at the final table I was just at.


They could have these at several different levels of buy in, call them Final Table Prep.


Like the idea, but must have higher buy in for all levels than they usually play. Maybe 10K for new player’s for their 90 days then low stakes 20K , med stakes 50K and high stakes 100K. Very creative thinking my friend @TheKnutts & please consider the idea @fizzymint & @Chasetheriver :smiley:

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Thanks for the compliment and support!
You know, I pretty much never play SNG’s, but if they did install this one for 100k, I would play it, it would be fast and furious!
Starting with just 25 BB’s instead of several times more would be a hoot in my book!


Your very welcome & keep them ideas coming :+1:

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I have an idea for a sit n go that could help players prepare for the final table at an MTT.

There would be 9 seats, and players start with 15,000 chips.
BB would start at 600, then 750, 1000, 1250, 1500, 2000…and they’d go up every 8 minutes, not 6 minutes like many sit n gos. It would be more similar to a lot of the MTT’s here.

Basically, players would be starting with only 25 BB’s in their stack which is a whole lot less than the usual sit n go, but much like the situation once you reach the final table in a MTT. It would definitely be fast and furious. :racing_car:

@TheKnutts thanks for the idea, but I suspect this is not a format which will be popular on Replay. Several times in the past our promotions, particularly SnG have been viewed as too fast and luck based when we start players with shorts stacks, but I agree a short stack style game would resemble a Final Table.

Ideally starting a SnG with different size stacks would be a nice way to practice, come to think of it

Personally, I think the best way is to play lots of MTT and pay careful attention whenever you reach a Final Table. Thats how I learned the ropes in Live games back in the day.
There is no doubt that the confidence that is gained by being familiar with Final Table dynamics is an extra edge you will have over people who rarely get there and are prone to have no idea how to manage this most important time of the MTT (particularly for real cash)


I suggested the Sit & Go tournament idea as practice earlier in this thread, nobody really agreed with it, if you ignore the stack sizes/blinds of a Multi-Table Tournament Final Table, then a 9 seat Sit & Go is still good practice in my mind. Forget the numbers, it’s being the last one standing (or sitting) that counts.


Yeah, I suppose a SnG like astral Pegasus would be like a final table, except there you start with 333 BB’s rather than 25. Seems to me most final tables you’ll have somewhere between 10 and 40 BB’s or so, thus my idea. If nothing else, it’s fun to kick around ideas!
Have a great day.


Right, but as I said in my previous message, if you ignore the numbers of stacks/blinds, you are 1 of 9, 9 players start, 1 remains at the end. So last one sitting is the objective to reach. Hence why I thought about it.


:grinning: great advise just joined a league watch and learn

Welcome to the forum, hope you will come back often and check out new subjects daily. Also. hope you get a lot of practice and preparation for final tables in your league. GL at the tables

I appreciate your reply!. If you guys ever change your mind and decide to install a SNG similar to what I suggested, let me know, since I’d love to play in one.
If players indeed want to prepare for a final table experience without actually playing a MTT to do so, and since this is free chips, perhaps more players these days might actually be interested.
Perhaps take some sort of poll, if you get enough positive responses then we could go with it.
Have a great day!

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2, 3 and 4 player games, even starting with the same amount, can do a lot toward teaching the difference in hand strength, with that many chairs. For such things as knowing if/when to shove your short stack, playing a deep stack, dealing with the different ways people play their deep and short stacks, working with the bubble, bluffs, ect., you gotta be there.

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Well said, this is why I suggested playing the Burn Out, 4 seat MTT at 11:00 PM ET. It will give the final table experience, every table until hopefully you reach the true final table!